Guerlain Rouge G Le Brilliant Complete Shine Lip Color in Bianca B21

I recall when Guerlain released the Rouge G lipsticks, the eye-popping prices really shocked me.  Since then, many brands have released lipsticks with similar ultra-expensive price points.  This to me is still the grande dame of luxury lipsticks with its distinctive case.  I won't go through too much detail on the case except too say it is really heavy, prone to scratches, and bit unwieldy.  I do find the little mirror inside handy, but I think I can live without it if it meant shaving a few ounces off the weight!  Hmm, if only Guerlain made these a bit smaller and lighter.
Since its original release, Guerlain has made a few variations on the Rouge G, including the matte stains, but today I show you the sheer version called the Rouge G Le Brilliant.  And the shade I have is the coral Bianca.
This lipstick is well used obviously!
 It is quite a scented lipstick!  If you despise scented products, then most certainly beware.  This one makes a strong olfactory statement.  It's a very pretty floral scent, and I usually like Guerlain scents, but i think I can live without the scent, too.  Hmm, if Guerlain didn't make it so strongly scented!  No need for a deodorant when wearing this lipstick.

It is a very pretty color.  It is a soft coral with lots of pink in it.  Guerlain's lipsticks, especially the Rouge Automatique and these Rouge G's have a great formula.  This color is no exception.  It glides on and feels so light on the lips.  It's not going to last very long, since this is a sheer formula.  Bianca has a little bit of slip, but nothing that feels thick or gloomy.

It is pretty sheer.  The built up swatch still has plenty of skin showing through but has enough pigmentation to still richly color my lips.
Sorry for this messy swatch!  I had a weird loose hair stuck and when I pulled it out...well...mess.
 Here it is softly glowing in the direct natural light.
 Sorry for this most terrible picture of Bianca on my lips!  Eeesh.  It's very close.  Too close.  Stop staring at me.  You're making me feel uncomfortable.  I am wearing this in my recent post on Chanel Revelation blush.  Hmm, if only I mastered the time-honored Beauty Blogger technique of taking a selfie.

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