Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Rosegold & Grey Pearl

I seem to be on a roll with stick format creamy eye shadows.  I am really getting a kick out of the superbly lasting and beautiful color of the By Terry Ombre Blackstars.  Here's two from another brand.  Laura Mercier's Caviar sticks are significantly less expensive than By Terry.
 First a word about these messy swatches.  I was doing this outside with the temperature peaking at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit during a recent heat wave.  These sticks were starting to melt and break (Rosegold broke a piece off soon after these pictures were taken!) so I rushed to swipe and take pictures.  The stupid things I do in a heatwave!
Similar to By Terry, these just glide on like a dream on my lids.  Again I chose two neutral colors.  Grey Pearl is a warm soft grey with a very fine silver shimmer, though the overall impression to me is very warm.  Rosegold is a bright (from the golden shimmer) over a rosy peachy base.  The pigmentation on both are excellent, though the colors themselves are light.  Also check out Becca's review in this post of Grey Pearl & Amethyst.  I thought Amethyst looked a bit similar to my By Terry Misty Rock so I passed on that one, but when I saw her post, I HAD to have Grey Pearl.

The gleam on Rosegold is super bright compared to lovely and demure Grey Pearl.  Rosegold makes a beautiful brow highlight, or anywhere else you like to brighten up the eye.  I'm liking it on the inner third of my lower lashline.  Of the two, I particulary love how soft and pretty the warm tones of Grey Pearl.
I swatched these Caviar sticks next to my existing By Terry Ombre Blackstars.  The creamy and gliding textures of each product are equally superb.  In terms of lasting power, I find that the Laura Mercier also lasts very well on my oily lids even without a primer, but experienced some fading at the end of a long, hot day.

I think the finish of the Laura Mercier here is more refined than the By Terry and has a much finer visual texture than the By Terry.  These two By Terrys, is more, I suppose "blingy" in shimmer and finish which is perfectly fine with me.  By Terry does offer matte finishes as well.

Indirect natural light swatches below:
Caviar sticks are another glide & blend type product for me.  It gives a few moments to blend (I use my fingers usually) and just like the By Terry, they set firmly on the lids.  Pretty wonderous how well they set and last on the lids.

Direct natural light swatches here:
All of these four colors together kind of go together nicely, don't you think?  I tried to use Grey Pearl, Rosegold and By Terry Bronze Moon together into a look.  I find it difficult to do any real shaping and precision placement of these colors because the textures are soooo smooth.  When I blend, they all have a tendency to blend together.  I think it's more because of my sad skills and not any negative aspect of the product.  For me, I'm having great success using one as a wash shade + a simple highlight with Rosegold, or as a beautiful base color upon which to layer other powder eye shadows.

I know I'm late to the party with the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks!  Do you also love them?

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