Natura Bisse The Cure Cream, Pure Serum, and Hydro-Gel Toner

Skincare, even more so than color cosmetics is truly something that will work differently on people.  I'm no dermatologist, scientist, aesthetician or even particularly knowledgeable.  I can only say how my skin tolerated and reacted to whatever skincare I've used.  My normal routine has altered a bit from since I've last guest posted on Gummy Vision, but AmorePacific Time Response remains firmly and very stubbornly entrenched into it.  Unfortunately, it's a big ding to my wallet every time I need to re-buy it so I'm actually always on the lookout for a new set of skincare.

I went out to lunch with my husband today and stopped by our local Korean supermarket which has a small cosmetics shop in it.  Of course, I had to have a little look see and the woman there greeted me and then peered intently at my skin.  "Ah!  Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk!  What's wrong with your skin?!" she asked me.  Korean ahjumas have a reputation for bluntness.  She's one of my kind.

Well, let me tell you what happened to my skin.  I had a month-long trial of Natura Bisse The Cure line.  I purchased this set when I was on vacation after a very nice spa session.  They couldn't tell me all that much about the line, and so I blind selected a set containing the Cream, Pure Serum, Hydro-Gel Toner and the All-in-One Cleanser.

Here's some known facts about my skin.  I have a super oily t-zone that will pretty much break oil through any foundation, base, powder, sunscreen combination.  It is my super power.  I am normal else where, but prone to dehydration and flaking.  In the winter, I get very dry except for the part with the super power.  I get acne that is hormone related but generally free of them due to Retin-A Micro.  I'm not particularly sensitive.

The Cure seems to be targeted at anti-aging and detoxification.  The literature states that the Cure Cream "is a refreshingly lightweight emulsion...Using a Detox-Diet Complex, containing Sulphorane...SIRT-AP (Modulating Peptite Sirtuins), increases the lifspan of the skin and protects from stress."

The Pure Serum "slows the aging process while hydrating and detoxifying the skin...contains Hyaluronic Acid and Fermentus Glaciarum extract,  a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient."

The Hydro-Gel Toner contains "Essential oils, native to the Mediterranean... astringent and antioxidant properties."

The good stuff first: the Cream was a very nice light cream.  It is very light weight and has a cool gel texture that smoothes on easily and absorbs quickly into the skin.  The Serum, is a thick liquid and also absorbs quickly.

The bad stuff now: that Toner was harsh.  I'm not sure what specific ingredient irritated my skin, but there was a distinct astringent feel when wiped onto my cleansed skin.  A very slight burning sensation remained on my skin.  It did make the application of the Serum and Cream go easier.

I don't think that the hydration powers of the Serum and Cream were enough to offset the drying and the irritation from the Toner.  Over the course of the month, my skin became increasingly drier and drier.  Many red and dry patches emerged.
I did not notice any particular detoxification (such as zit purging), or remarkable hydration in these three products.  My skin did look a bit reddened from the toner, but was initially moist after the toner and cream.  Unfortunately, the cumulative results were not to my liking.  Of course, I tenaciously used up everything because I really wanted to make sure I'm giving the products a fair shot.

I still think this was a productive trial.  I realize now that as my skin gets older, despite my oily t-zone, I need to really ensure I'm focused on hydration-rich products.

On a happy note, the woman in the shop told me I MUST try this:
This is from History of Whoo a luxury skincare brand in Korea.  I think I will try get my skin back into shape before trying out another line.

Skincare baffles me.  Truly it does.

Congratulations, Nina X!

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