Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs

Rouge Bunny Rouge makes one heck of a lovely sheer lipstick.  The color Murmurings was featured a long time ago and it is still well loved and used.  I have several of these beautifully moisturizing, sheer and well pigmented lipsticks.  While Murmurings has no shimmer in it, Fluttering Sighs has some spectacular shimmer.  It is beautiful and not in anyway tacky or over the top.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

I am not so enamored with depotting makeup that I normally depot lipsticks.  Fluttering Sighs, however, I've put it in a MUJI pillbox a la Kate the Driveller.  Please do read her lipstick depotting post.  I may have gasped in horror/glee/turned-on-ness.
This particular lipstick color is soft.  Soft like room temperature butter.  (Butter makes everything better)  Murmurings has a particularly juicy formula and feel, but Fluttering Sighs is even more meltingly soft.  I used it straight from bullet to lips (which is what I normally do. I only use brushes for dark colors) and it pretty much smooshed down.  I was afraid in a few more uses, it would break off completely.  I asked the brand via Twitter about it's consistency and they told me that yes indeed, it is supremely soft and that using a lip brush is recommended.
(L) Normal Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipstick (R) Decapitated Fluttering Sighs
Rouge Bunny Rouge describes Fluttering Sighs as "shiny tea rose warmed with gold shimmer."  It seems that tea roses of the botanical kind comes in all sorts of shades.  In this instance, Fluttering Sighs is an incredibly pretty light peach well saturated with fine and dimensional gold shimmer.
The recommended apparatus, in this case my Tom Ford Lip Brush
This shade adores the light and really shows a beautiful shimmer.  Do click on these pictures below.  You really want to see how pretty this color really is.  It is at once serene and sophisticated but still enlivened by its soft golden shimmer.

 Some shimmer lipsticks have a very gritty feel from the glitter particles, but Fluttering Sighs does not.  While I do feel a little bit on my lips, it is not very noticeable nor bothersome.  And when the color wears away, which is in about 2 hours (short, but it IS a sheer lipstick), it does not leave tell-tale shimmer particles behind.
I mentioned how awesome this formula is on my lips, and Fluttering Sighs also feels great.  I feel that my lips are softer and more moisturized after a day of wearing this lipstick.  It is formulated with Manoi butter, Vitamin E and Hop extract to condition your lips.  It is a scented lipstick, by the way, which a spicy clove scent.  (Feels a bit like Christmas when I sniff this)

Zuneta was a big key to my introduction to this brand, but they have since fallen into Cult Beauty which no longer carries the brand.  I am lamenting a bit!  Zuneta had really responsive customer service and were so generous with samples.  I wouldn't have fallen so in love with so many things if I didn't get a chance to nibble a bit in advance of purchasing.  Wahhhh!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available in the US via Beautyhabit.  And also via Beauty Bay.  It is also carried by Rouge Bunny Rouge's web shop.  When the web shop first launched, their international shipping rates were prohibitively expensive.  They have since recently lowered the purchase thresholds for less expensive shipping and also offer some nice gifts with purchases from time to time.

Amazing formula, beautiful color.  Love love love.  I only wish it weren't so fragile in the case.

Have you tried any Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks?

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