Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen (Tinted, Broad Spectrum SPF50)

It's too darn hot.  It had been a cool and wet spring here, and then as soon as summer came around, it's as if a switch had been thrown and then it was summer.  Summer showed up sauntering in all its sultry, hot and humid glory.  I love the leisurely mindset of summer and wearing cool breezy linen as much as anyone.  But it's hard for a makeup lover to keep her makeup on when the humidity and heat want to melt it all off.

On Makeupalley, it was recommend to me to try a tinted sunscreen instead of a foundation.  I have my eye on an Elta MD one down the road, but since I was able to try out Skinceuticals in person, I purchased the Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen which contains a tint.

Even more important than the tint, is the fact that this is a broad spectrum product, which is designed to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.  It has a very high SPF 50.  I've become more mindful of protecting my skin as I've gotten older and sincerely regret my youth in slathering baby oil and roasting in the sun.  I also regulary use a prescription tretinoin product (Retin A Micro) and it is imperative to be well protected as it makes the skin more photo-sentitive. 
As a digression, I don't mind occasional sun exposure though and just try not to overdo it!  I've recently found I'm Vitamin D deficient and with the advice of my doctor, I try to get some sun and supplement with Vitamin D.  
This product is also paraben free and works with physical rather than chemical sunscreen to protect your skin.  My skin is not particularly sensitive, so I happily wear either, although physical ones tend to leave a white cast.
The tint is called "universal," but I wonder if this is because some retro-Crayola factory person was labeling this bottle, the same way she would call peach shade "Skin."  Err.
 Here's a blob straight out of the bottle.  It is very liquid and runny in texture.  The shade is a light and neutral shade and applies really easily onto the skin.  It has a lot of silicone in the ingredients so it will feel slippy and satiny going on.  It does have a slight scent of Zinc Oxide which doesn't linger very long.
Here it is lightly blended on my arm.  It is very sheer, and once it dries down, it pretty much disappears into my skin.
 All dried after a few minutes.  Where did the tint go?
Here, I've put it on my face, along with my normal makeup and skipped the foundation.  It seems that my skin is evened out very slightly but does not cover any surface redness except to tone it down a bit.  It does not cover anything pigmented on the skin.  I had to add my normal concealer under my eyes and under my nose (which is where I get red).  Can you also see my hairline?  You can see where I didn't blend well into my hairline and can see a delineation between my warmer and yellower skin and the neutral tone of the sunscreen.  It looks slightly grey and ashy, which is what happens when I wear something too cool on my skin.  However, the sheerness makes it acceptable to wear alone for me.
I see dead people! 
Is that bacon?
It makes a smooth surface for your foundation if I do care to layer your foundation over it.  For me, the silicone makes the oiliness around my t-zone especially pronounced, so I don't think I will do that.  Even wearing this alone, I get a fair bit of oil breaking through on my nose (AH SUMMER!) and require blotting.

I around NC15 to 20, probably closer to 20 with summer sun.  I do think that the sheerness would make it pretty flexible and would accommodate slightly deeper skin tones.  It would work better for more neutral to cooler tones than warm and yellow like mine.
Ingredients below.  Click to enlarge.

What's your hot weather makeup strategy?  Do you skip it altogether or go light and easy?

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