Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow 01 Moss Green & Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G

Don't run.  It's not green at all.  I'd shown you the brow products I already use and have repurchased time and time again here, but I wanted to try something easier.  I love the brow pen type of products, because with some meticulous drawing, the final effect is very natural.  After all, I've just spend many minutes drawing on what feels like individual hairs.  I had used powder brow products with a brush before, so I decided to try the Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow palette in Moss Green.
 My brow pen is in the middle.  To go with the brow palette, I picked up the eyebrow brush G.
I apologize for the quality of my pan pictures.  In a word: doooooo.  The colors look ridiculously off.  In reality, the left pan is a soft muted brown with a tinge of warmth.  The middle shade is a very cool brown.  Maybe this is the color that gives this palette the Moss Green name, but it's not green.  It's just a very cool brown.  The right side color is a pan of softly tan brown that is used as a contour (or to very lightly shade the inner part of your brows).  There are two little brushes included in this palette, a small firm angled brush as well as a flat, slightly fluffy one.  The fluffy is useful for applying the contour shade along my nose.
I'm also showing today the Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G.  They have an S brush, as well as an L which vary in size and function, but G seemed to be a good all-arounder for my purposes.  You can see from the pictures below that it has a sofly angled head and the bristles taper together into a slight edge.
The hairs are firm, but with springy give and the bristles themselves are smooth and soft.  Nice trick to be soft and firm at the same time.  This brush a particularly great at applying a very well-defined line to the edge of your brows for a super clean look, without making them look painted on.  It's great for blending color on the brows themselves and filling in any sparse patches, but it seems its real talent is drawing on that beautiful edge.
Now back to the brow palette and the colors.  I used the brush to pick up the color and show you.  The left side shade is slightly warm and the middle shade is cool.  I'm not sure I can see any green in it, but it's a fabulous shade for my cool, almost black hair.  I've also shown you how the two colors look blended together.  It's nice to be able to customize the shades to suit one's hair coloring and get a bit more versatility out of this.

The pigmentation is not very strong, but very natural.  It's hard to go overboard on my brows with this product.  I even like the light tan shade, which does make s nice contour shade and also adds an additional color option for the brows as well.
I thought a comparison to some of my other eyebrow products might be useful.  The Shu Uemura pencil in Seal Brown is cool enough to be natural on my brows, but very warm when compared to the other products.  I really adore the K Palette & the Suqqu Brow pen.  If anything, these are truly tinged green, unlike the Suqqu brow palette.  These pens would be excellent for those looking for a truly cool dark color.
Here is the Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow in Moss Green in action, using the Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G.  I have fairly strong brows to begin with, so the after is not particularly dramatic, but I do really like the polished look my brows have in the after picture.

I mentioned the defined line to the brows and I think you can see that in the after picture, especially on the top of the brows.  It looks very defined, but not overly done. 
I'm not sure I'm actually saving any time using this palette, but I do really like the softly defined look.

Have you tried any of these products?  What's your go-to for your very best eyebrows?

If you are new to Wondegondigo, or looking to see where you can actually buy Suqqu, check out my post here.  This post shows some options on how to go about finding Suqqu, which has a very limited distribution and is not sold in the US...or most places, actually.  Grrr.  I was the fortunate recipient of the kindness of Nicole from Swatcharama who purchased this for me at Selfridges.

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