The Natural Law of On-Line Makeup Ordering

Over the past 3 or so weeks, I placed various orders on line.  I did not order them all at the same time.  I got home from work and saw on the floor:
They all arrived at the same time.  Thank you, makeup god, for making me look like a spend-crazy lunatic.  Oh wait... if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...

Even when I think, oh one little little thing or two, they seem to arrive in these enormous boxes which look so wasteful and look so packed full.

Mr Belly exclaimed: "More?!  Again?!"

They all seemed to reasonable when I placed the order.  It's so easy pressing SUBMIT.  But then when they all show up at the same time, it does make me feel a bit sick.

Would you like to see the inside of these boxes?  I added a bonus of my Fyrinnae samples which came one day earlier.  Yes, there is always one that seems contrary to the laws of Makeup Nature.
Fyrinnae little samples

This is what made that one box so HUGE

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance baked bronzer in 02. 
My first powdered bronzer in many years
Kjaer Weis goodies.  Unpictured are many lovely samples from
Spirit Beauty Lounge
On the hunt for a well pigmented lipstick that feels good
Um... plus more because one is a box feels loney
 Mr Belly & I are thinking about planning for a vacation and he asked me: do I want to spend money on a bunch of little things that add up, or a few bigger and more meaningful things (vacation, as an example).  I don't know if it's a fair comparison or an easy way to think through things, because for me, makeup gives me lots of small pleasures.  Some things for me to ponder about Belly-style.

Looks like I have much to play with and report back on, eh?

How about you?  Do the wasteful boxes and packing materials of ordering on line bother you?  Do all your boxes all arrive at the same time, too?!  (Is Makeup Nature conspiring against me??)

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