Why Purge?

If you having been following along with my dopey blog, you will have noticed that I conduct blog sales from time to time.  When you see nearly brand-new items in a blog sale, do you ever wonder what possesses people to sell off their items?  I thought it would be an interesting exercise to take a few items I've sold off recently and share my dirty laundry.  That is, share what compelled me to sell off that particular item.

There are a couple ways to get rid of cosmetics items you do not want. 
  • You can sell it on an auction site like ebay, but their terms of service (at least here in the US) strictly prohibits selling used cosmetics.
  • You can conduct a blog sale (like I do)
  • You can swap it away.  There are various sites that allow members to list and swap.  There is an element of trust here and of course the risk of getting burned.
  • You can donate (check local women's shelters and charities that may accept skincare, toiletries, etc.  Not all will accept used items)
  • You can throw it away
  • Give to a friends/family  (I seem to have maxed out on this item with my family)
Sometimes I rave about something on the blog and then sell it.  (Duh)  Why do I do this?

Here is a Burberry Lip Mist in Rosy Red.  This was brand new & I reviewed how much I loved it.  (fyi, I was using a sample card to try it out)  Truth be told, I really did love it and wish I could keep it, but when I looked at the number of sheer red lipsticks I owned (post), I really had to slap myself in the face and get a grip.

Or how about Burberry Coral Pink?  This is a beautiful color and I was so excited to own something released as a brand new item and to have a Burberry bright color was too exciting to resist.  And that realization that it didn't look so good on me.  *dumb clown*

And Tom Ford's beautiful limited edition Enchanted.  Why?  In addition to featuring it on the blog, I also had given one away in a contest.  I mean, I really think this is a special item.  Even beautiful things need to justify its existence in my collection.  First of all, the colors are a bit cooler than my usual sweet spot and I felt Suqqu Himesango was just a better (texture, lasting power, warmth) than Enchanted.  (See my comparison here)

Why do I get rid of beautiful things from brands like Suqqu or Addiction?
Sucky thing is you can't try these things out in person.  Some things just don't look good in person.  It doesn't have to be some hard to find Japanese item, it can be things I buy from Sephora or online sight unseen.  It's just extra painful with certain brands because the effort of acquisition is so high.

Two Suqqu beauties here.  As you may know, the older quads (like Kokedama on the left) are discontinued.  I somehow got into my mind I needed ALL of them.  Really, I don't need all of them.  I need a wakeup call.

And Suqqu limited edition from Spring 13 Ginusudama.  Sigh.  Three LE palettes were released and instead of prioritizing one or two, I bought all three.  Luckily for me, 2 of the 3 are well suited to me, but sadly Ginusudama just didn't look that great on me.

Yup, same story with these Addiction items, Amazing Cheek Stick & Basquiat quad in Mudd Club.

I get rid of things that are not the right color match all the time (good bye all Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Cle de Peau concealer, etc.) and things that didn't impress me.

Sometimes, I fall out of love with a brand.  My first blog sale was chock full of brands I am no longer interested in.  I'm down to one Tom Ford eye shadow quad now (Cognac Sable).  My heart is fickle and causes me grief by causing me to purge purge purge.  I suppose I can just keep buying and growing my collection, but then, the sheer volume would overwhelm me.

Blog sales are not easy to conduct (trips and trips and trips to the post office, the emails, the paypals, the waiting, the packing).  You only recover some of the cost.  But on the positive side, you get some space back, you meet some really nice people and get to contemplate your next purchase.

What's your purging strategy?  Or asked another way, how do you stay streamlined and on top of your purchases?  Is it hard to say good-bye?

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