Addiction Eye Shadow in Crow and Kohl Eyeliner in Arabian Nights

Are you sick of my Addiction obsession yet? 

Well I can't help myself.  My addiction went from this.
to THIS:
How nice.  Addiction very nicely accomodated my burgeoning obsession by making each single case instantly depottable so that they can be neatly placed into these sleek customizable palettes.  Thank you, Easter Bunny.
Yum.  Naked elbow in the mirror.  HOTTTT
In addition to the eye shadow singles, the palettes also hold these pressed kohl eyeliners, and even though there are some sumptous looking color combinations from the brand, I went for Arabian Nights.  (Is it just me or does using similar names in product confuse you?  Arabian Ruby and Arabian Nights.  Revenge, Revenge and Revenge)
Arabian Nights (as do all the kohl eye liners) come in a split pan and with a deep black with a warm red shimmer and a burgundy with what seems to me like tonal red and rose gold shimmer.  These are intensely pigmented and care must be had in placing the kohl onto your applicator and when applying.  You know that trick of placing a tissue under your eye when applying eye stuff to catch fall out?  Not a bad thing to do when applying this.  I always do my base makeup first, so I've experienced accidentally smearing a streak of black fallen pigment across my cheeks!  I meant to do that.  It was a "look."  These are soft and smooth and blend beautiful and easily used as a eye shadow.  Apart from this tiny thing to me mindful of, the colors actually adhere very well once you place them and will not fall out during the day.

Super simple eyes here.  Shiseido Ghost on the lids, slightly past the crease.  The black kohl close to the lash line and then the burgundy placed in parallel above the black.  (rudimentary.  tah dUH)

And rounding out this post, here is one more of my eye shadow singles.  This one is Crow, an ME (metallic shade).
"CAW CAW."  Always amusing to me are the very, very funny names for what groups of certain animals are called.  A group of Crows is called a "murder."  Very sinister sounding.  A group of ravens (which I constantly confuse with Crows) is called an "unkindness."  Even odder, though just SO apt, is a group of baboons is called a "congress."  This last one is disputed, but I will go with it because it's just too funny.

.... I got distracted.

Anyway, Addiction Crow is a metallic shade on a super deep black base.  It has the most lovely blue green shimmer.  I die.  And like the other ME shades I own (Fudge, Concrete Jungle and Arabian Ruby), the silky pigmentation, the color payoff and intense complexity are all well present.

Shall we move on to the swatches?
Slightly angled my arm a bit differently, which shows the shimmer a bit better.

Very important question for the day:
So what IS the difference between Ravens and Crows, anyway?

I have Friday off work, so today is my Friday.  Dance dance dance.  Hope you are all happy and doing well. 

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