Addiction Eye Shadows in Sheltering Sky, Sand Martin, Arabian Ruby and Horizon

I managed to buy some more Addiction items including two empty palettes which are customizable and designed to fit eye shadows, blushes and the kohl eyeliners.  Here is one with a Revenge blush on the right.  The pans pop right of their normal casing with a push of a pin in the back and has a glob of glue.  It goes easily into the pan.  I've not put in any magnets into this so it will pop out easily again. 

Something odd happens when I make a little palette like this.  My brain goes into auto mode and I feel compelled to use all the products at the same time.  I think this is why I normally love pre-made eye shadow palettes.  I can go into my normal brainless mode because someone else thought up how to combine the colors and textures.  Well, this little one I put together, not sure they actually go together.

Today I thought a view into the colors, swatches and a look might be nice.
Sheltering Sky (P) is a medium blue with sparse coppery shimmer.
Sand Martin (P) is a light pinky nude.  Mostly matte, but with a very slight silvery shimmer
Arabian Ruby (ME) is a deep burgundy brown with intense red and golden shimmers.
Horizon (P) is a pale blue toned lavender with a profusion of icy silvery and lime shimmers.
I'm getting a better feel for these Addiction eye shadow formulas but still find some inconsistencies on how they classify their P and S.  If you go on their website, you can see each color denoted with M, ME, S and P, which indicate their finish.
M = matte
ME = metallic
S = Sparkle
P = Pearl

Seems that the P (pearl) finish eye shadows have the most inconsistent formulas.  Sheltering Sky, Sand Martin and Horizon are all P shades, but feel very different on my swatching finger as well as in visiual finish. 

Sheltering Sky is slightly sheer, a bit chalky and a slight bit of shimmer.  The color pay off is pretty good and can be built up to intensity.  My swatch is on naked (no primer) skin, but can be layered more intensely or remain sheer (as you see in the swatch).  The pan itself feels kind of hard and dry and doesn't have the velvety softness I've experience with other colors in the ME range.

Sand Martin, again also a P color is much softer than Sheltering Sky, and despite the very pale color has a more intense pigmentation than Sheltering Sky.  It also feels softer and felt easier to blend on my eyes.  I was initially worried that it would look terrible cool and clashy against my skin.  From on line swatches, I feared it would look something like Rouge Bunny Rouge's Sweet Dust Seriema (which I gave away) which made me look like death.  It seems the slight pinkiness of Sand Martin is rather nice on my skin.

Arabian Ruby is ME (metallic) and I love these complex shimmer colors and the very smooth textures.  While not as pigmented as Flash Back or Fudge which was shown earlier, has a very rich look and feel.  Love this one on my eyes!  I also like that which a light hand, the intensity of this color can be dramatically toned down.

Horizon (P AGAIN!) seems like it should be considered a S (shimmer) shade, no?  I mean, hello?  Shimmery shimmer?  The lavender base is sheer but the shimmers are so pretty!  Click and enlarge the picture, because...yum!  Unfortunately, I seem to be experiencing some serious fall out when I use it.  I usually use a finger tip patpatpat to apply as a little glitter top coat but question my methods.  I kept on finding random, though pretty, shimmer bits on my face during the day.
Here's a look I did, minus Horizon because must be presentable.

Crap used:
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle foundation, blended in with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  GAH!  Where has this brush been all my life?!
  • Ellis Faas concealer under eyes
  • Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Secret Affair
  • Suqqu Brow pen in Moss Green
  • Tom Ford Liner in Espresso to tightline, smudged on upper lashes and lower waterline
  • L'oreal telescopic lengthening waterproof mascara
  • Addiction Sand Martin as a base all over lid and up to the brows.  Sheltering Sky to be a smoky smear in upper lashline and smoked into the Tom Ford liner and lower lashline and slightly built up in the outer corner.  Arabian Ruby blended into the outer corner and slightly into the crease.
  • By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Flirty Rosy

I really like the Addiction I have but it doesn't seem to have a consistency I'm more used to from other brands like Suqqu.  Anyone have a similar experience with this brand?

Coming up will be the rest of my Addiction.  <----  This is truth right here.

So what's up, everyone?  It's getting slightly cooler here in New York.  It feels weather RIGHT to wear some richer colors.  Weather turning where you are, too?

Addiction Eye Shadow in Crow and Kohl Eyeliner in Arabian Nights

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