Buy Me

I posted about my purging process the other day, and I thought I'd bookend that with a post on buying.

Fall collections seem to be fully in stores in some parts of the world, dribbling in online or making peeps onto counters.  I don't really have a price point in mind, nor do I have specific brands I'm targeting.  Generally, my interest gets piqued when I see blog posts, some PR images and general world of mouth.

When Sales (that are "exclusive") rev me up:
Nordstrom recently ended their anniversary sale and one of their early items was the Dior Mystic Metallic Bonne Etoile quad.  It was also reviewed by Gaia on the Nonblonde.  I am not a Nordstrom card holder, but all the buzz was killing me.  Since it would eventually get to other retailers, I sat on my hands so that I could see it in person.  (fyi, all pictures are just phone pics, some out of focus, some only marginally color correct)
Don't you love it when seeing it in person kills it dead?  I found a tester at Bloomingdales and played to my heart's content.  The colors are so pretty, but much too muddy for my taste.

Surprising desires aflamed:
I went to Bergdorf Goodman and saw that the counter had the display set up and items available for presale.  They have a couple of new products available, including an eye primer, LE eye shadow trios, LE nail polishes and a pen style eye liner in black.

I was really mostly interested in the eye shadow trios.  Here's She Wolf on top and The Pink on the bottom.
DAMN IT, TOM?  WHY YOU MAKE SUCH A PRETTY PINK PALETTE?!  While the grey She Wolf didn't do much for me, The Pink really really really got me going.  The matte shade is smooth, the middle shimmer shade is a beautiful warm, peachy pink and the glitter shade was very delicate and pretty indeed.  INDEED, TOM!

Oh, some other pictures of Tom Ford here.  I went a-scribbling with the new liner with the dual ends.  Nice and black, but not sure this would outperform some other black pen tip liners you may already use.  There's the eye primer to the left and right of the three big stripes.  Not sure you can see it.  It is a cream and a powder in one jar.

Doesn't matter what it looks like in person.  I'm going to BUY it:
Of all the western Fall collection, the Guerlain Voilette de Madame really appealed to me with the ad image and Driveller Kate's favorable review of Madame Flirt lipstick pretty much sealed the deal.
When I did see the display in person at Bergdorf (also available only for pre-sell at this moment), I did get a chance to play with all the bits and bobs.

 Rouge G's in Batifole, Flirte and Reve (L to R).  The new eye liners *shrugs* and two of the eye shadow duos.  The one on top is Two Rock, which Clare from Visionary Beauty reviewed here.  Please read her comprehensive review, I totally agree with her.  I will not be picking any of these up.  Two Parisian is the one on the bottom.
I will most definitely be looking to purchase Flirte.  So pretty!  I also swatched the Madame Rougit blush (to the right of the eye shadows), but it's impossible to see.  My experience is that these blushes are impossible to swatch, but look much better on the skin and picks up well with the brush.  See my post on the Asia-exclusive Blush G Sakura here to see what I mean.

Must see in person before leaping:
Despite the fact that the Fall Armani is on line at Nordstrom, I really want to see them in person and have been impatiently making my rounds at the local counters the past few weeks. 

I nearly lost all my marbles after seeing Sara's posts on the new ETK here and the Face & Eye palettes here.  Since I wasn't 100% impressed with the summer palette and I don't have a lot of experience with the brand, I am waiting to see them in person.

I dunno, I dunno.  It could go either way.  The duo-chromy #34 ETK look incredible, but how many bright and duochrome shades would a neutral wearer need?  Like zero?

Don't EVEN get me started:
For any of you with even a tiny interest in Japanese brands, this post by the Driveller Kate is a MUST READ.  She's covered all the neat brands and their new Fall offerings.  I'm dead.

With new seasonal collections coming out, how do you plan for your purchases?  What influences you the most when you pull the trigger and buy?

P.S. so proud I bought nothing on this walking tour.
P.P.S.  This post makes post #200 on Wondegondigo! 
P.P.P.S these post scripts make me feel like I'm writing a girly grade school letter. :)  I pulled the trigger on Guerlain blush, M. Flirte as well as the Tom Ford The Pink trio.

Addiction Eye Shadows in Sheltering Sky, Sand Martin, Arabian Ruby and Horizon

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Wisdom, Charmed and Pretty Purple