Chanel Joues Contraste in Narcisse

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I was so fortunate to be given an opportunity to try Chanel Joues Contraste in Narcisse by Izzy's Beauty Shoppe.  It's been long discontinued in the US, but is currently available in the European baked version on the Izzy's Beauty Shoppe website.  It is quite a nice resource for those long-discontinued or limited edition items, as well as regional exclusives.

I was a bit concerned that such a pale pink would not show up readily on my skin but was really happy to see it impart a really beautiful pink flush.
It's become a go to favorite for a very feminine and pretty look.

Though I'm starting to grow quite a blush collection, I don't own many Chanel ones.  My recent purchases were cream blushes and my only other Joues Contraste is Fleur de Lotus, which was available as a Nordstrom and Asia-exclusive.  Like Fleur de Lotus, my Narcisse is the European baked formula.  Both Narcisse and Fleur de Lotus are available at Izzy's here and here.

There are legions of fans who vastly prefer the American non-baked powder product from Chanel, but my only experience with Chanel blushes is with Fleur de Lotus, which I really like.  I've noticed in FdL and also in Narcisse that it is a very hard and slightly powdery formula.  The brush will kick up a fair amount of blush dust.

Despite that, pigment picks up well with a denser haired brush.  I've been using my assortment of goat-haired face brushes.
I'm going to have to say that the swatches look pretty anemic.  That vast empty space on the right is actually a blended swatch of Narcisse.  My summer tan is lingering on my body and I think I am still about NC20 or there about on my arm.  I think it would be challenging for those of slightly tan complexions to wear Narcisse and have it show.

Obviously Narcisse is a very pale pink that has fine golden micro shimmer.  The color layers a tiny bit, but the overall look on my slightly tan face is still very subtle, but pretty.  I also love the slight radiance from the shimmer.  The overall texture on the skin reminds me quite a bit of Fleur de Lotus.
The faint golden shimmer is quite lovely on the skin.  I've been wearing this often and you can see it worn in my Lipstick Week post on MLBB here.  I think I will get even more mileage in the winter when I get quite pale in the face.

Some other pale pinks that make a reasonable comparison: the top shade of Guerlain Blush G Sakura and Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis.  I've also compared Gracilis to Burberry Cameo here.
Gracilis is more mauve-toned than Narcisse.  Blush G Sakura's top shade actually has a more pronounced shimmer and has a bit of peachiness.
Same in indirect natural light.
I like the clear pinkiness of Narcisse versus the mauve or peach of the other shades!  Then again, nuance or real?

Do you wear pale blush shades, too?  What are some of your favorites for a subtle and brightened cheeks?

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