Guerlain Madame Rougit Four Color Blush

I mentioned in a prior post about upcoming fall collections that one of the items high up on my wish list and blind-buy list was the Guerlain Madame Rougit blush.  I'm pretty sure that the regret of missing out on the LE Serie G Noire made me pre-dispositioned to brainless purchases of all future LE Guerlain blushes.  (Who's out there with me!  *fist bump*)  I actually did make it to a counter to play with the tester and it did feel hard and only picked up on my fingers with a fair bit of effort.  As I recalled from the Asia-exclusive Blush G Sakura (here), the difficulty in swatching wasn't a negative because it shows up well on the face.

It's really a beautiful looking product.  And like the Rouge G's from this collection, it has a beautiful swiss-dot lace embossing and a white shimmer dotted overlay.
The blush pan flips up to reveal a compartment for the enclosed brush.  I guess the brush is handy for touch ups, but so far haven't been impressed.  It's kind of scratchy.
I kind of wish the over-sprayed dots would stay intact, but with the first brush, it swept away completely.
I tried half-heartedly to swatch the individual colors, but that was pretty much impossible.  But look at how the color picks up with a brush.  This is the Shu Uemura 18 Goat.
The first time I used the blush, I had a fair amount of the frostiness from the white dot overlay on my cheeks.  But now that the dots are gone, the colors itself look very matte in the pan.  On the skin however, there is a sheen.  The bottom shade, a deep cool pink has fine shimmer run through it and imparts the blended shade with the sheen that you see here.
My brain is trained to think that smooth, buttery softness equates to luxury and good formulation in a blush.  In my mind, I experience a bit of cognitive dissonance when I see the beautifully luxurious packaging (the embossment, the shiny case, the extra blush, the big mirror) and feel the very hard texture of the pan.  What's also surprising though is that the color on the cheeks is actually really easy to build up and even overdo it!  The pigmentation is deceptively stronger than a finger swipe would indicate.

What I really do like about this blush is the actual finish and the color itself.  It's a balanced pink (by blending the cool tones and the warm tones) that has a very flattering and radiant finish.

On the other hand, if you aren't a fan of the Guerlain esthetic, have other pinks, or not fan of the sheen-type finishes, then you can certainly pass on this.  For me, loving all of this, plus the fact that it's the four-color format makes me enjoy this.
And recycling a recent Lipstick Week picture, I am wearing both the Madame Rougit Blush as well as the Rouge G lipstick in Madame Flirte here.
Are you an LE Guerlain blush fan?  Did you indulge with Madame Rougit, or still deciding?  Are you a Series G Noire owner?

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