Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Abundance and Blossoming

Kjaer Weis is a brand founded by a New York-based Danish-born makeup artist Kristen Kjaer Weis.  According to its website, its products are considered certified organic and does not contain parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors or fragrances.  While I am not a natural beauty connoisseur, I do consider the brands product philosophy a nice perk.  But how do the products stand against my very fuzzy, esoteric and unreasonably high standards?

I've purchased a few items from the brand recently through Spirit Beauty Lounge and bought a few eye shadows and cream blushes in the refill format.  These refills are handy and allow me to pop them into my Z Palette.  Also available are beautiful shiny metal cases, but since they are priced high, and since I love my free-form palettes, I've opted not to purchase those.

I kind of don't like the idea of powder to cream cross contamination, but I've put the cream pans far off into the corner.  Is smart.
I've been on a cream blush kick despite my skin's tendency to eat them up.  I've purchased Abundance and Blossoming.

The absence of silicone seems to make the biggest impression on me formula wise.  It's blendability comes from various waxes, butters and botanical oils.  The Kjaer Weis cream blush takes a bit of warming under the fingertips to become a bit malleable and therefore more blendable.  While I generally like the feel of fingertips for applying cream blushes, I think these do better when dabbed on with fingers and then using a dense brush to sheer out and blend.  It doesn't have the easy slip of the new Chanel cream blushes nor of the Addiction cheek sticks.

They feel fantastic on the skin once applied.  All the various emollient ingredients do a nice job keeping a soft dewy finish.  In terms of lasting powers, I found both cream shades to perform about par for me, which is to say, not that long.  Within 3 hours, the colors fade away into just a hint of what was originally applied.  I suspect those of us with drier skins will love the formulation as well as expect a longer lasting time.

I found these colors surprisingly pigmented.  Abundance is described on the Spirit Beauty Lounge website as a modern plummy taupe and Blossoming is described as a natural mauve.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I chose Abundance, but I thought it would be more plummy.
There is a sparse silvery shimmer in Abundance.  And though the color has some plum tones, it really seems like a brownish taupe.
Blossoming is more easy to love.  It is a very neutral pink.  Unlike the description, it is more pink and not really mauve to my eye and on my skin.
There is no shimmer in Blossoming, it is all lush cream.
Here are some swatches on my new-from-vacation tanned skin.  I think I'm about NC25+ now.
Going to have to admit that Abundance completely befuddles me on how to use it.  Used as a nude blush on the cheeks makes me look a bit yuck.  It's too dark for me to be a good nude blush  and also too ruddy to be a contour color.  Hmm...  Going to need to play around some more but would love your suggestions on how to wear such a weird color.  This color is super pigmented and it's silver shimmer is more visible in the built up swatch and not so much when blended.

Here they are again in indirect natural light.
Blossoming sure is pretty and easy to love.  It does create a lovely pink blush and I love it as a very feminine pop on my cheeks.
I hope these swatches are helpful if you are pondering a Kjaer Weis purchase.

I am working on posting on the three eye shadows I've purchased: Wisdom, Charmed and Pretty Purple in the next few days.  Have you also used Kjaer Weis products?  If so are you motivated by its natural heritage or because of the quality, esthetics and colors?  I am in the latter camp.

I had to shove that kitty aside to take these pictures!

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Wisdom, Charmed and Pretty Purple

Was Trying to Swatch and Take Pictures But...