Lipstick Week: Day 1 Base Zero

I kicked off my Lipstick Week(ish) series yesterday with an intro and today I bring Base Zero.  Ok, well that's no lipstick really, but it's what I rely on to get my lips into tip top shape.  And I'm also going to show you my natural and unadorned lips (Base Zero) because lip pigmentation has an effect on how lip colors show up.  Alrightie then.

Balms.  In this picture is one lip balm that I can not do without for long, one lip balm that destroyed my lips in not that long, and one lip balm I'm afraid to open because of the lip balm that freaked my lips out.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume Levres is the one I can not do long without.  It is on my night stand and before going to sleep I slather on a very generous layer which works all not to deliver soft and moisturized lips in the morning.

It works so well well that there is actual product remaining on my lips in a protective layer when I wake up!
It really is a very thick balm.  Despite seeing a bit of the shine on my arm with the sun glinting off it, on the lips, it goes on matte.  It can be used as a lip base before putting on say, a very drying lipstick, but for me I reserve this for night time.

The only con for is that the texture is slightly off putting for me.  The thickness makes it seems like it won't absorb and it won't work, but it's pretty miraculous how well this works for me.  Within the thick product, there are little hard granules.  I don't think they are meant for exfoliation, but maybe bits of shea butter or other ingredients that have solidified.
As I mentioned that I use the Nuxe at night, I purchased the Julie Hewett Camellia Rose Balm to keep at the office.  It has a lovely light citrus smell and a slick and easily absorbed texture that makes it sink into my lips.  It has a pearly rosy iridescence that also helps give the lips a pretty glow.  But guess what, this is the product that freaked my lips out.  The more I used it, the more drier and chapped my lips got.
How sad.  You can see the pale pearly pink from the balm.  The light pink is too pale to give my lips any color, but the shine was lovely.  I guess I should throw this out, but I feel it's such a waste.  I would use it on my cuticles if not for the color.
As you saw, my Nuxe lip balm is showing clear signs of the end.  Instead of purchasing a new one as I should have, I was pulled into the lure of the Tatcha brand and picked up their Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm.

I've not used it yet.
But look.

There is the most outrageously luxurious layer of gold leaf resting on top of the product.  As you use it, you crush little bits of the golf leaf and get some golden shimmer on your lips.  I'm actually a little apprehensive about using it because of my terrible experience with the Julie Hewett.  If Camellia oil and extracts are what upset my lips, then Tatcha will also not work for me.  I guess it will help me hone down on ingredients not compatible with my skin when I get to use this.
Anyway, here is my Base Zero lips.  Nothing on.  Funny thing as I age, my lips are getting less pigmented!  I got rosy blue mauve dead lips.  *edited to say, when "nothing on," I mean nothing on lips!  I got oodles of crap on my face!

Here are the ingredients for your reference.

Acacia Honey 5%, Shea Butter 13%, Plant Oils (Chilean Rose, Sweet Almond) 9.5%, Grapefruit Essence 2.5%, Vitamin E 1%. Beeswax, shea butter 13%, vegetable oil, lecithin, behenoxy dimethicone, sweet almond oil 8.5%, honey 5%, dimethicone, octinoxate, grapefruit oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, hydrogenated vegetable oil, soybean oil, rosa moschata oil, tocopheryl acetate, tocopherol, allantoin, lemon oil, candelilla wax, calendula extract

Julie Hewett Camellia Rose Balm-
Tatcha Gold Camellia
Next time on my Lipstick Week post, I promise to put up a lipstick. ;-)

What's your must have lip balm?

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