Lipstick Week: Day 5 Magic Lips - Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain in Madame Flirte

I tried very hard with the arrival of Fall to retain some manner of sanity and to really prioritize what I wanted.  Of the collections, Guerlain's Voilette de Madame really captured my imagination.  I love the sexy femininity of the veil and how the theme suffuses many of the product offerings.  Three new Rouge G lipsticks were released Mesdames Batifole, Flirte and Reve.  I got Madame Flirte, a juicy strawberry red.

These Fall limited edition colors come in the standard cases, but they have been embossed with a swiss dot lace, just like a little voilette.
Here is Madame Flirt in the case.  There is a fair bit of golden shimmer in this color, but it translates into a pretty glow and no frostiness.
This formula reminds me more of the sheer Brilliant version of the Rouge G (here) and not the standard ones. This is a bit sheer with one swipe, but buildable while retaining a juicy sheerness.  The color is a nicely warmed up strawberry red on my arm, especially with my warm skin tone shining through.
I really enjoy this formula.  In addition to the all-out luxury assault of the case, the scent (in this case, I like it) and even the high price, the product itself is a wonderful one.  It glides on the lips and has fair amount of comfortable cushion on the lips.  It feels moisturizing and even for a sheer lipstick, it did pretty reasonably well in terms of wear time.  It wore a full 3 hours on me and going into a fourth with a lovely even faded color.  I suppose this is a case worth pulling out to reapply in public.
Here is the lipstick in action on my lips.  Or rather, here is my magical cool toned lips turning things pink, in action!

The shine and pretty juiciness is still there, but my cool lips have transformed the shade into an undisputed pink.
Not that there is anything wrong with such a pretty pink lipstick.  When I swatched the three lipsticks at the counter, I bypassed the pink Madame Batifole and Madame Reve and thought I was choosing a red, but there go my weird lips again.  And I do not like putting testers on my lips, sanitized or no.  So these things will happen from time to time.

I reckon I will still get good use out of such a pretty color, though. 
I'm wearing a few layers of Madame Flirte here.  Also trying on my new Madame Rougit blush from Guerlain.  On my eyes, Addiction Tuxedo Moon.

What about you?  Did you make any purchases from the Guerlain Fall collection?  Have you also tried Madame Flirte?  Do lipstick colors remain true to the tube on your lips, or do you also possess like magical transformative powers?

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