Lipstick Week: Day 6 My Lips But Better - Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist in EX-10 Tsubomidama and Edward Bess Lipstick in Tender Love

I think the generally accepted idea behind "my lips but better" is a flattering lip color that is something close to your lip color but doing all the things that your lips may be hard pressed to do naturally: be perfectly even, maybe even with a smooth plumping texture, slightly darker or brighter or rosier.  You get the drift.

I have two different types of colors I wear and consider MLBB (since I can't be bothered to type it out in full every time).  One is just as described above and I love rosy pinks that are slightly sheer.  It's a forgiving color and so easy to wear with just about any look or outfit.  I'm choosing to show you Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist EX-10 Tsubomidama (here) which is a limited edition lip color from this Spring, but Chantecaille Lip Chic in Amour (here) appears to be a near dupe.

Other kind of MLBB for me stretches upon that to be a color in perfect balance with the rest of my face.  For me it has a dose of warmth, a deeper tones, but also very rosy in nature.  I will show Edward Bess Lipstick in Tender Love (previously featured here), but Rouge Bunny Rouge's Whim of Mine performs a similar feat.

First I've made up my face in a my face but much better format.  On my eyes, I've used Shiseido Alchemy up to the crease, added Rouge Bunny Rouge Chestnut Napped Apalis lightly in the crease, and Rouge Bunny Rouge Firetailed Sunbird on the lower lash line.  I've lined my eyes on the upper lash line with Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Pen in Blue Black and very lightly on the lower lash line.  Lancome Mascara in Hypnose Drama Waterproof.
Other notables are Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and Chanel Joue Contrast in Narcisse* (I LOVE this thing!)  Nothing on lips here, to show how washed out I look without a lipstick to balance out all the other things.
Now a quick swatch of the sheer Tsubomidama and of Tender Love.  (Playing around with my OTT lite - this is an indoor picture with artificial lighting.  Got to figure out how to take pics when it gets to be freezing winter outside)
L) Suqqu Tsubomidama R) Tender Love
It was when I took this swatch picture that I realized one is just a version of the other in sheer or pigmented form!  No wonder I love these two lipsticks.

Here is Suqqu Tsubomidama on my lips.  It is sheer but with enough pigment to add some brightening color to my face.  The texture is lovely and reminds me very much of Chantecaille Lip Chics.
And in the context of the rest of my face.  Enough to balance out the eyes and the pink cheeks.
Now beautiful Tender Love on my lips with its lovely lip-loving and creamy texture.  (and heavy scent!  beware!)
Same face, now in context:

Both these lipsticks are awesome no-brainer lipsticks for me and I reach for these over and over.  I'm more likely to reach for the Edward Bess Tender Love when the weather gets cooler.  This summer, Tsubomidama was my constant companion.

What kinds of colors are your very best Your Lips But Better?

Disclaimer: all products except those denoted with * have been purchased by me.  * indicates product was provided to me free of charge for consideration

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