Lipstick Week: Day 7 the Vamp - Tom Ford Lip Color in Black Orchid

Ooh, this post is just too predictable that I can barely stand myself.

So Day 6 was the MLBB (my lips but better) and today I bring you the polar opposite, the Vamp.  It's something about the cool mornings and evenings that has me mulling over the deeper tones I love in the Autumn and lots of lovely blogs I follow are turning their attention to the same.

The vampy lip color is a wardrobe staple for me, but something I wear infrequently.  Just as a super saturated red has a time and place (mood wise), the vamp is similar.  The vamp says: "Look at me, but not too long.  Because if you do, I will kick your ass."
Ass-Kicker, right here

Tom Ford's Black Orchid is now being discontinued, so if this is something you've had your eye on, I say buy it sooner rather than later.  I myself am pretty ambivalent about this particular lipstick.  The formula really doesn't do well for me.  I've gone into detail in my post on this lipstick formula here.  I've kept it around because of all the vamps I've seen, I really like this color.  I just can not put it into the purge pile.
For such an assertive color, it is pretty versatile.  It's easily dabbed on with fingertips for a sheer wash of plum, or applied with lip brush and then really built up to its blackened intensity.  Here, I've used a lip brush, a nude lip liner (just for slight definition) and then built up slightly straight from the bullet.  I've also blotted lightly with a tissue.

Other vamps I've spied on have too much red, or too much brown.  I find Tom Ford's Black Orchid has a nice balance of plums that is not brown and has the right blackening.  Meanwhile, this is a fiddly color, wearing away in uneven patches.  I may reapply during the day and then just put balm on because apart from needing careful reapplying, it requires some serious moisturizing to undo its drying effects on me.
Look at me.  Don't look at me.  I will KICK your ass.
Above, wearing Black Orchid, along with RBR Delicata blush, and Chanel Kaska Beige eye shadow quad which also has some plummy brown tones.

Are you a vampy lip kind of a person?  Which vamp do you love the most and what is your mood when you wear it?

This is my final Lipstick Week post.  I wanted to thank Claire from Aucuparia Brumalis & Carina from Softly Sometimes for this opportunity to showcase some interesting lip colors.  I hope you enjoyed this series!

Chanel Joues Contraste in Narcisse

Guerlain Madame Rougit Four Color Blush