Lipstick Week: Introduction

A tag can sit in my brain, but eventually a tag must be obeyed with.  Plus the same tag by two lovely bloggers MUST be complied with.  So...

Claire from Aucuparia Brumalis and Carina from Softly Sometimes had both tagged me to conduct my own Lipstick week.  Before I do, please check out these lovely blogs because I subscribe to both on Bloglovin' and look forward to their new posts.  I dare you to walk away without a lemming.

I think I'm supposed to try to do a full week (7 days) of new posts on lipsticks.  My blog tends to be eye shadow-heavy so I think this is a great opportunity to showcase some lip stuff.  While I am unlikely to do 7 days of new posts in a row, I can put up some new lipsticks (at least new to me) up.  And I will also be putting up some new things I've bought in the recent days like Tom Ford Fall and Guerlain from the Voilette de Madame collection.

A note.  I don't generally retouch my photographs, apart from cropping or light balance.  What I'm trying to say is, you may see errant zits, lots of hair, and flakes around my nose (from a recent summer cold) that may suspiciously look like boogers.

I'm telling you.  I'm a beauty blogger showing it like it is.  (maybe also because I haven't invested in a decent photo retouching software.  -____- )

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