Madame Rougit Sandwich with THREE 19 Love Kick Filling

First, let's cue up the music because I can not get this song out of my head this summer.

And we'll make it the Colbert version, because I LOVE him.  Henry Kissinger in this video is making me crack up like a hyena.
(EEEEEEH, deleted the weird video!)
Hey, Claire, this Bud's for you.  She wanted to know how Guerlain's new LE Madame Rougit Blush compared to THREE 19 Love Kick.  So I made a sandwich for her.  A sexy makeup sandwich:
 I'm sorry to say, Claire.  They are totally different.  Apart from the depth with THREE 19 being significantly darker, Madame Rougit is also of a cooler variety.  The sheen on Guerlain registers distinctly golden though with Love Kick a subtle silvery sheen.
What do we say, everyone?  Claire needs both, eh?

THREE Shimmering Eye Veil in 37 6760 Miles

THREE Color Veil for Cheeks in 17 Wind Swept Soul and 19 Love Kick