Some Faces and Some Caterpillars - added video

It's been dramatically busy at work these days, so new posts have been at a bit of a lull here on Wondegondigo.

Dumb thing is, I bought some new fall products early hoping to feature them on the blog (but not my only motivation), but having seen them featured on other great blogs making me lose any desire to post... all that much.  Does this make sense?

Anyway, thought I'd show some stuff I've been having fun with, for funs.

I had a pair of Ardell false lashes that were insanely long that I would never wear, so of course, I decided to wear them!

I think this would be a great look with a wicked hangover.  Suqqu Creamy Glow lipstick in #18 Karakurenai here looking positively neon, which it isn't in real life.  But in the bathroom does.  This looks like furry caterpillars on my eyes.
Squint so I can put my inebriated vision back into focus.  Hic.
Speaking of bugs, look what I found in my home:

The Dark Lord lives.
I know you can't tell relative size in this picture, but I would claim it would be man-eater size.  And also, what the hell is going on with that glowing eye?!  It's still in my house.  I hope it lives in some dark corner and never come out again.  I think Beelzebub lives in my house.  Someone hold me.

The good thing with DSL internet connection is watching endless Jung Saem Mool videos.  I tried out a double wing with a glowy eye shadow.  The look is surprisingly wearable considering the copious amount of black gel eye liner.  It makes the epicanthic fold a feature, which is awesome by placing a good blob of gel liner in it.  I used Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels as my all-over lid shade + on my lower lash line.

Oh yes, I've also sparingly used Shu Uemura individual false lashes for fun.  Less creepy insect like.  I don't normally wear false lashes.  It's just too hard!
And the eyeball compilation:

Makeup-wise, loving several things.  Been wearing Chanel Joue Contrast in Narcisse and Guerlain Madame Rougit often.  Eye-wise, have been wearing lots of the Tom Ford In the Pink trio so I can bring my cost per wear down to about $15.00.  Ahem.  Thinking about all the glorious Japan fall releases from THREE, Addiction and Suqqu.

What's been happening on your end?

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