The Un-Welcome Post

FOR DEFINITELY-OH, skip this post and onto the pretty product picture posts.  This is me observing my belly lint, which I am apt to do from time to time.

Source: Reuters
I think my Welcome post is one of the least-read posts in the blog.  Not surprising, to me.  Basically, it's a hello, hi, welcome to the blog thing.  And also a here's the intent of my blog sort of a post.  (You don't have to go read it)  In it I hypothesized that in recognizing my consumption level (which I thought was crazy.  Just my definition of crazy), and exploring my motivations in the blog will help me curb it.

Did it work?

Nope, not at all. 

But the blog has helped me understand myself better.  Knowing is good.  There are things not mentioned on the blog but also what I better understood during my time with this blog.  For instance, emotional well-being is a factor to consumption.  Again, I'm writing about me and not making a general statement.  There is something so pleasing about the planning of the chase and the chase.  There is the intense high of the acquisition and then the lows.  I've had a pretty tough year or so, with all sorts of emotional highs and intense lows and I see how my makeup purchases have a correlation to those highs and lows.  These purchases help me cope and spend time ruminating on beauty rather than life. 

Another factor of having the blog is that the blog itself brings complications.  I tried to quit the blog and the reason I couldn't is all the pleasure I derive from running this dinky operation.  By pleasure (apart from the obvious erotic one ;-) ) I mean the pleasure of having a little community here (love your comments, every single one - even the goofy spam), the instant neural feedback loop (blogger view stats, etc) as well as the interaction with other beauty-loving friends and acquaintances on the web.  That's the pleasure. 

The complications:
  • Money.  I think I would likely have bought these products with or without the blog, but now my motivation for purchase becomes a bit harder to disentangle from the desire to run a happy blog.
  • New stuffs.  More stuffs.  This is related to money of course, but in and of itself, the desire to acquire product becomes more intense.  Theoretically, if I never bought a new thing ever, I would still have a pretty fantastic collection.  So why collect more?  For the blog?
  • Investment.  Not money and not stuffs.  I mean effort and brain time.  Do I have brain time to spare to my little enterprise here?
  • Competition.  Even though this is a little blog, I feel compelled to run a great little one and that means keep posting often.  Like, how am I doing versus so-and-so's blog.  Which is NUTS!  I KNOW and this makes me feel bad that I feel this way.
  • Guilty awareness.  While introducing readers to beautiful things is fun, I wonder in the back of my mind if I'm somehow encouraging imprudent financial choices in others.  I show some outrageously expensive things and if people kept up with me (please don't) could be disastrous.  Of course I don't know anyone's financial situation and I can't take responsibility for other adult's choices.  I know this, but can't help but have that little buzzing thought in my head.  (FYI, I am an oil baron, if you were curious)
Thank you for reading if you made it this far.  Don't worry, I'm not threatening to quit or anything.  Just in my pea-head, there's a lot of stuff crammed in there.  It feels a bit therapeutic doing a brain dump on to the blog.

Now back to our regularly scheduled pretty things.

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