THREE Color Veil for Cheeks in 17 Wind Swept Soul and 19 Love Kick

I've recently been dipping my toe into THREE cosmetics, yet another impossible to get Japanese brand.  It is readily available on Ichibankao for those inclined to pay the extra markup.  One of their standout products is one particular blush shade, the number 19 Love Kick.  That one was easy to choose.  I also purchased number 17 Wind Swept Soul, which was featured in a video tutorial with the brand's creative director Rie Omoto.  See video here.
L) 19 Love Kick; R) 17 Wind Swept Soul

 These pans are teeny tiny containing 4.5g worth of precious finely milled product.  (Chanel has 5.6g)
 Both shades have micro shimmer in them.  17 has a tonal muted shimmer, while 19 has a brighter silvery shimmer.  The shimmer are actually just the type to melt into the skin and impart a sheen rather than chunky glitter bits.  I think even moderate shimmer-phobes can enjoy them as the look is very sophisticated.

Wind Swept Soul is a gorgeous, slightly pink nude.  Of course, it's not the ONLY nude I own.  Let me show you some colors that play close cousins with the THREE.

From the top left: THREE 17 Wind Swept Soul, Burberry Earthy, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera and Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata.
 Hey listen, any sane person would look at these swatches and say, "STRIPEY STRIPS OF THE SAME COLOR."  I can discern the nuances among the four, but really, I can not justify having all of them except to say: OOH, SUCH PURDY COLORS.

Blogger Belly says: the THREE 17 is a pretty close relative to Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata, but slightly pinker and slightly darker.  Habanera has some reddened Terra cotta tones and stands apart from the rest.  Earthy has no shimmer that I can discern and have a more neutral brown tone.

Basically, tan, tan, a little red tan and then tan.
 Here they are again in indirect natural light.  Despite being a very pale shade, THREE 17 shows up very well as far as a subtle shade can.  This (along with all the other I own *HEAD SMACK*) make excellent blush when I wear a very strong lip and eye look.  Or when I want a my face but something a bit better look.  The texture is super smooth and meld beautifully on to skin, too.  You can see in the video linked above how with her intense eye look, the blush is a really nice complement to it.
 The real star is #19 Love Kick.  Let me show how it compares versus other seemingly similar blushes.
 To me, 19 Love Kick seems slightly cool and seems like it should be easily matched and duplicated by other blushes.  I initially thought it would be most closely matched by Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita.  Check them out:
 Depth wise, Florita and 19 are indeed similar, but Florita is still bluer and cooler than 19.  Revenge, another Japanese compatriot is actually more red and less pinker than 19.  Orpheline is more muted and both Chanel's LE cream blush Fantastic and Tom Ford's LE Narcissist are way darker and bluer.

Here they are in indirect natural light.  The tonal differences are clearer here.
 Slightly different lighting again.
I think my general problem when choosing colors is that I tend to be drawn to the same types of colors. Hence my collection tends to revolve around similar colors that can only be discerned by looking at nuances.  Do you get this way, too?

Still, no regrets here with my THREE blushes.  The formula and wearability of both colors are excellent.  I'm looking forward to sticking the rest of my foot in (or wallet in.  or face in)

Have you already been trying THREE cosmetics?  I'd love to know your favorites from the line. 

You will see the colors referred to by the numbers on Ichibankao, in case you were interested in purchasing.  I found that the color chips in the THREE website are significantly brighter than in real life, if you are trying to select colors.

Madame Rougit Sandwich with THREE 19 Love Kick Filling

Chanel Joues Contraste in Narcisse