THREE Shimmering Eye Veil in 37 6760 Miles

Thanks for coming around and joining in my exploration of the THREE cosmetics line from Japan.  Like the blush 17 Wind Swept Soul featured earlier (here), this loose eye shadow was also featured in the video tutorial that was on the THREE site.
This super silky loose eye shadow is indeed very shimmery.
It comes in a small squat and square jar topped with a rubbery grey top.  Here are a few jar pictures.  This first out-of-focus one shows off some intense multi-colored shimmer in the product.
While super silky and fine, it is surprisingly easy to work with.  I am loose makeup phobe and don't have a lot of placing and blending skills, but just as in the video tutorial, it picked up easily with a flat brush and stayed put when tapped on to the lids.  It also blended with a fluffy blending brush without displacing glitter everywhere.  Neat trick!
Some things I noticed while playing with the Shimmering Eye Veil:
  • Applied over no base on just my Nars primer, it is super sheer.  The base color looks completely negligible and even the shimmer effect is slightly muted.
  • Applied over a stickier base product (like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, or a liner - as in the video, or a cream shadow), the color pigmentation and shimmer effect is out of this world.
  • I mentioned how easy it is to apply and it is.  It also STICKS really well and I've have no fallout during my careful pat pat pat application, blending or during the day.
The color is a taupe (*bonks head*), a blend of grey, brown with shimmer that is dominantly silvery, but complicated by the multi-colored ones.  The swatches below are over L) naked skin R) over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
Again in indirect natural light.  I think the direct sunlight pictures made the swatches look rough or gritty and that is totally not the case.  The picture below is more indicative of the texture and feel.
This might be too much shimmer for a lot of people.  I've been wearing my recreation of that tutorial by layering over a taupe eye liner pencil which creates a much more wearable and subtle look.
The video uses both this Eye Veil in 37 and also 33, which appears to be a pale blue.  I didn't use that.  Here are the products I've used in addition to tinted moisturize (too dark!), brow stuff, concealer and mascara:
  • THREE Shimmering Eye Veil in 37 6760 Miles
  • Le Metier de Beaute eye liner in Champagne (swatched here, in my Tom Ford In the Pink post)
  • Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black (my substitute for the more expensive THREE one in the video)
  • THREE Color Veil for Cheeks in 17 Wind Swept Soul (here)
  • Chantecaille Lip Chic in Daphne
  • Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Dragon (LE) for glowwwww
 Pretty neutral and sedate all around though, huh?  Kind of like every OTHER look I do.  Ughhhh.
Though I'm duly impressed with the Eye Veil, I wonder how much I would reach for this over all the other pressed eye shadows I own.  Recently, I've purchased some Fyrninnae loose eye shadows to play around with and those are also incredibly complex and pretty (duochrome abound!).  I've had a much harder time applying and blending the Fyrinnae versus the THREE, but the price differnce is stark.  For the price of one THREE, I can buy many many small pots of Fyrinnae samples.

Do you use loose eye shadows and pigments?  What's your best application tricks?

Labor Day is coming up along with a long holiday weekend.  I'm going to hang out with family and friends and grill up a storm.  I hope those of you in the US will have an enjoyable long weekend.


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