Tom Ford Fall 2013 Collection - A Look

I placed a pre-order for the Tom Ford In the Pink LE trio last week and today I went to pick it up at the Bergdorf Goodman counter.  While there, I had a chance to really look at some things up close and thought you might like some real-life photos, especially if you plan on ordering by phone or on line.  As far as I know, it seems to only be at Bergdorf Goodman at the moment, but I'm sure it will roll out to other counters and on line soon enough.  For those super anxious to order, Winnie, the counter manager can help you.  (212) 872-2813.  They do ship internationally, but as I understand the shipping charges will be enormous.  By the way, I don't get a referral or anything from sending anyone over there!  Also, no need to mention my name, Winnie will scratch her head and go "Whoooo?"
The Asia-exclusive quads, Lavender Lust (left) and Seductive Rose (right) are now available in the US.  Sara Beautime has swatched these previously Asia-only quads on her blog!  Lavender Lust here and Seductive Rose here.  I was wanting the Seductive Rose for a long time, but seeing it in person, happy to be able to see it in person and not buy.  Orchid Haze (middle) is brand new.
 Orchid Haze un-manhandled below.  Unlike the general Tom Ford quad format, this one has one dark brown (almost black) matte, 2 shimmers (no chunky glitters here) - the top shades, and one satin.

Some swatches in direct and indirect natural light.  The matte was slightly chalky, but the other shades were incredibly smooth and pretty.  The exclusion of the Tom Ford "celestial" shade, which would be the typical glitter top coat in the other quads, make this a very useful quad.  The third shade (the satin) looks weird in the swatches as I had accidently smeared it with my shopping bag handle.
 I must have this beauty.
 I'm afraid it took a good bit of restraint (and I don't have much) to walk away from Orchid Haze.  I shall let it build into a crushing and immobilizing weight and THEN go buy it.
And here are the LE trios.  She Wolf & In the Pink.  Of the whole Fall and new items, I only picked up In the Pink.  Very excited to give this a nice go this week.

Finally for Maria who was interested in seeing the nail polishes (both LE) more up close and personal.  Here you go, Marie!  I hope these are helpful!

Show me the Pink.  In actuality, I didn't like the quality.  I did rush of course, so maybe my experience is a bit lacking, but I found it streaky.
 Black Sugar - interesting brown that is greyed and punched up with a bit of plum
I didn't swatch any lipsticks, which are re-promotes of the current line.  And the eye shadow primer and eye liner didn't really interest me. 

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