Tom Ford Ombre Eye Color Trio Palette in In the Pink

Sometimes, love is hard work.  In real life and in makeup life.  I was totally enamored when I went to look at the Tom Ford Fall and new products that hit the Bergdorf Goodman counter and in particular, I loved the beautiful In the Pink eye shadow trio.  However, what looked glorious on a swipe on my arm at the counter and peered with starry eyes on my arm was not exactly what appeared when carefully applied on my eyelids.

This is work (and we'll get back to these momentarily):
If you love Tom Ford packaging, it's the same beautiful gleaming brown case with bright gold trim.
This is the beauty that called my name at the counter.  "OH BELLY, COME SPEND YOUR HARD-EARNED MONIES!"
The trio format is new to Tom Ford this season.  This is a play on tones and textures.  There is a soft, very pale pink matte shade, a shimmering warm pink with some peach tones, and a "celestial shade" which is the Tom Ford term for a glitter top coat.  The base color is transparent, but the pale pink shimmer glitter is bright and delicate.

The textures are a big improvement, in my opinion, to the original quad releases and similar in feel to the LE Enchanted.  They are smooth and the pigmentation is great.  Looks nice on my arm, eh?
Tragically (and I mean makeup tragically, not real-life tragically), what is so bright and delicate on my arm pretty much faded onto my lid into nothingness.  The depth of my eyelids I'm guessing is too similar to the depth of these shades and it looked dangerously close on my eyes as if I'm wearing not all that much.  My guess is that if you are super fair, or very much darker than me, the contrast to your skin tone and depth would make these colors appear more strongly.  On me, eh...

Despite this sadness, I really really like these colors and wanted to make this work.  I've been using a couple of different methods to make it work.  Couple of tricks used was

  • heftier than usual dose of Nars Pro Prime eye shadow base
  • a light layer of Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color in Caviar to help the Tom Ford pop
  • a creamy eye shadow base, the Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base which has both a slight shimmery finish and a color deeper than my skin tone
  • a base of a taupe eyeliner first applied on my lids to provide a bit of grab to the eye shadows as well as provide a deeper colored base.
Ok, so here's the bases naked on my arm, prior to applying the eye shadows.  (Nars is invisible, y'all)

Now for the swatchapalooza.

Nars didn't do much to intensify the swatches.  The Caviar completely transformed the colors into a deep pinky grey taupe.  The Edward Bess was quite nice on my arm, but when used on my eyes with In the Pink, wasn't all that different from wearing nothing.  The Le Metier de Beaute eyeliner in Champagne deepened the color.

Direct natural light here.
Out of focus, which shows the glitter shade especially well.  The black Caviar base made the glitter shade particularly strong.
In indirect natural light here.  I love the look of the shade over the LMdB eye liner in Champagne.  The soft glow of the colors as well as a nice contrast to the glitter shade is very pretty.
Originally I tried to take some pictures of the trio on my eyes with just the Nars, but it really didn't show all that well.  So I didn't include that and I also didn't include any pictures of In the Pink on my eyes with the Edward Bess eye shadow base.

Shiseido Caviar Option
Here is what I do have.  This is In the Pink layered over Shiseido cream shadow in Caviar.
cheeks Chanel Narcisse*, lips RBR Irreverance
It's nice and all, but it just looks like a shimmering taupe shade.  And I'm not lacking those taupe shades in my life!
A little closer view of my eyes of In the Pink layered over the black Shiseido Caviar cream shadow.

LMdB Champagne eye liner Option
It's pretty, and with pale pink lips and cheeks, tonally pleasing.
So must have, we say?  I don't think so unless you've really had a chance to play with these in person AND on the eyes.  Expensive things shouldn't take so much work, right?  I mean, this was a lot of work.  Another easier way to make this trio work would be to add a 4th darker shade to add more dimension to the eyes.  That's what I will try next.

I wonder if She Wolf is a bit less picky to work with.  Did you buy any Tom Ford Fall yet?  Have you tried In the Pink?  Did it show up on your eyes?  How do you make it work?

*this product was provided without charge for consideration

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