Addiction Cheek Polish in Suspicious, Revenge and Tadzio

New blush formulation from Addiction!  I can not resist.  And I also had a hard time trying to whittle down to one or two even though they were permanent items in the line.  Addiction cheek polishes were recently released along with their AW 2013 offerings and I ended up (sounds so casual "ended up".  I racked my brain and made lists and prioritized and then "ended up") with Suspicious, Tadzio and Revenge.  Revenge actually was a struggle to try NOT to order.  I have a Revenge problem.
L to R) Suspicious, Tadzio, Revenge
The bottles look like nail polish bottles and would make nice nail polish colors!  I keep my nail polish and other face makeup separate.  We can not have the two mix, cohabitate and make a ruckus together.  No, nail polish goes in the bottom drawer.  But in case I do get confused, funny stickers reading "CHEEK" is affixed to the top of the handle.  Thank you, Addiction.
I find it interesting that Addiction offers some of the same colors (or names of colors) in their various formulations.  For instance, Suspicious is also available as a cheek stick, while Revenge is available as a cheek stick, a powder blush and now in this new cheek polish.

Since this is a new-to-me formula, let's go into it a bit.  It has a brush exactly like a nail polish and has a texture slightly thicker than water.  Feels like a face serum.  There is a slight alcohol scent and cooling sensation upon initial application which dissipates very quickly.  It has a smooth and really easy to blend texture (probably contains a boatload of silicone).  Compared to the cheek stick (which is a cream product), the cheek polish is easier to apply and blend.

In the way you may expect from a product with such a light texture, there is a good deal of translucency in the product.  Where the cheek stick is completely opaque when initially applied into a war stripe, even in the blob of the cheek polish, you can see a lot of the skin color coming through.

Translucency does not mean lack of pigmentation however.  It's very easy to build up and because it's a liquid doesn't get built up into a chalky unnatural finish.  Of the three I own, Tadzio has the most opacity followed by Suspicious and then Revenge.  Finish wise, none of the three I've purchased have any shimmer.

Swatch, ahoy!
  • Suspicious looks totally frighteningly dark in the bottle, but a very pretty color when applied.  It's a cool clear plum.  As seen from the unblended blob, it looks dark but blended below is a very wearable plum.  I am loving this paired with cool plum eyes and lips and sets a nice tone for autumnal looks.
  • Tadzio looks very white based in the bottle.  Generally white pigment heavy colors make me look a bit like death (I much prefer clear tones and translucency), but blends into a very pretty pink.  The color itself is not terribly unique, but if you were keen on trying out the formula with a very wearable color, then Tadzio is an excellent choice.  This is also most pigmented of the three I own.
  • Revenge.  Yes, the third Revenge I own.   This Revenge is a orangey red.  I love it because, well, it's Revenge.  Do I need more reasons?  grumble grumble. 
Lasting powers seem to coincide with the pigmentation level. Of the three both Tadzio and Suspicious lasted very well into the long, long workdays while Revenge faded gradually away into oblivion after 6 or 7 hours. They didn't leave any noticeable stains on my skin, and cleaned easily away with Bioderma and of course with regular oil cleansing.

I'm wearing all three shades below.  Not at the same time, mind you.  Although with this formula, I think it would be super easy to blend shades and concoct away.  Speaking of application, here is what I've been doing:  as I remove the brush from the bottle, I swipe one side of the brush off on the side of the opening.  I use the remaining product to place three haphazard blobs on my cheek.  I use my fingers to blend and shape.  Repeat on other side.  Add more product to build up intensity as desired.

I like using fingers for makeup applications, but have had same success using a brush (a flat top Sonia Kashuk in my case) to blend.  The texture remains very pliable for a minute or so after placing your initial blobs and gives lots of time to blend and shape.  This is a super easy product for application.
Suspicious Cheek Polish, Burberry Deep Burgundy lipstick
Addiction Ready to Wear quad in Departure on eyes

Tadzio Cheek Polish, Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist lipstick in Tsubomidama,
Shiseido Eye Color Bar on eyes
Revenge Cheek Polish, THREE 09 4D quad on eyes, unknown lipstick
As a bonus, here are all my Revenges lined up in a happy row.  The Cheek Polish is more warm toned.  Cheek Stick is incredibly pigmented and the regular ol' blush is more pinky.  I suppose any sane person wouldn't need all three. :)
Any picks you've set your heart on from the recent Addiction releases?  How about a Cheek Polish?

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