Administrative Things

My no buy doesn't mean there isn't a ton of things to feature on the blog.  As a matter of fact, I have so much still in boxes, only half-heartedly played with I've become immobilized.  I don't know what to put up.  Also, I've become largely obsessed with playing around with the Shiseido Eye Bar that I seem to have lost some motivation for playing with other things.

A very small sampling of things
I have a lot of Suqqu, Addiction and THREE to show eventually.  I think I've shown all the western new products already, so we're down to all the Japanese things I've purchased.  I think I'm also due a brush post or two as well.  I've not acquired much, but getting some great use out of Real Techniques brushes.  I, too, can not pass up a great bargain!  At some point, I will have my first dip into Chikuhodo brushes en route, which is really exciting.  Also would like to "expose" my ridiculous AmorePacific skincare routine (ridiculous for the price, not its effectiveness).

I can't decide on anything these days.  Paralyzed with indecision and permanent blahness.

So let me rely on you for your wisdom and majority preference.

First, page breaks or no pagebreaks?  I like pagebreaks because I can see what posts are being read.  Also I like to keep my face off the main page.  *shudder*  But no pagebreaks are convenient for people reading off RSS readers or just visiting the main page to read through.  But does no pagebreak discourage or encourage comments?  See what I mean?  I'm insufferable!

For product, do you like skincare or should I just focus on makeup?  Seriously, I've been using the same skincare (mostly) for a long time.  It might just be a one shot deal and that would be the end.

Shall I focus on LE first (Suqqu) or show more THREE and Addiction, which are not LE.  You want to see more Suqqu lipsticks?

Anyway, would you like to see some looks from stuff I've been having fun playing with lately?

THREE 4D palette in 04 Art of Parties, Blush in 19 Love Kick, Suqqu Bright Up lipstick in 02 Hanabeni 

THREE 4D palette in 10 Mystery Girl, Addiction Cheek Polish in Revenge, Addiction Lipstick in Last Scene.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in EX-16 Benichagasane, Suqqu Bright Up liptick in 02 Hanabeni, Tom Ford LE blush in Narcissist
 I plan catching up on some swatching and photographing time this weekend, so let me know your preference for what stuff!  I hope the weather stays as bright as it has been all week for good picture taking.

Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick in EX-13 Beniaka

Addiction Cheek Polish in Suspicious, Revenge and Tadzio