Cocktail #1 The Green Rose - Shiseido Eye Color Bar

In college, the university offered bartending classes.  Being not even the legal age to imbibe, and more so focused on my studies I bypassed it.  Now I sincerely regret it because then I might have more of a clue on how to combine the incredible colors in the Shiseido Eye Color Bar (here).  If you recall, each color is named after a drink and the idea of this palette is to combine to your hearts content mixing your own special look, or cocktail.

Today I mix a drink combining Noisette, Menthe, Parfait Amour and a splash of Champagne and I call it The Green Rose.  It is anchored by Noisette, the nutty taupey brown, brightened up with the minty Menthe and highlighted with Champagne.  The key player is the Parfait Amour.

I'm praticularly drawn to Parfait Amour as a key ingredient.  While primarily used in cocktails for the vibrant purple color, it is scented very intriguingly with rose and citrus.  And the color bar color for Parfait Amour is also a vibrant purple with many delicate shimmers.

I'm using the first four colors in these swatches
While the swatches are pretty intense (as I used my finger to pick up the pigment), the overall look on the eye is very delicate, which is the nature of Shiseido eye shadows in my experience.

So here we go:

I mixed my cocktail, The Green Rose by lining with Tom Ford Espresso liner and also in waterline.  The base is Noisette applied slightly past the crease and the inner and outer third of lower lash line.  Parfait Amour was used to smudge out the liner with a pencil brush and then also on the outer third of lid using a blending brush.  Menthe was placed in the center of the lower lash line.  And for a final plop and fizzle, in the top center lid, I placed one of the glowing colors, Champagne.

One more view here.  Parfait Amour is very lovely and delicate.

Also wearing Suqqu Brow palette in Moss Green, Ellis Faas concealer, Addiction Tinted Protector,
Addiction Cheek Polish in Tadzio, Suqqu CGM lipstick in Tsubomidama, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP
Hope you enjoyed imbibing a little something something, my Green Rose with me.  How many cocktails can I mix with this thing?  I should have studied better in school (or drank some more cocktails).  My "skills" are pretty rudimentary as far as makeup application goes, but from playing with this palette a bit more, the shades are very beginner friendly despite the scary looking bright shades.

Tell me your favorite cocktails, the real kind and the Shiseido Eye Color Bar kind!

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