Cocktail #2 The Bunsen Burner - Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Have I told you how FUN this Shiseido Eye Color Bar is?  I think I shall turn my whole blog over to this thing for the rest of eternity.  Ok, maybe not.  I have the attention span of a little invertebrate crawling on the ocean floor.  Still, I have a new shiny and I am so excited to play with it.

Today's cocktail, I bring you The Bunsen Burner.  Hey it's Friday.  I don't know about you, but I need a cocktail.

source: wikipedia

Also.  Fire.

The flame and heat of a Bunsen Burner can be controlled by increasing the allowance of oxygen mixing into the flame.  The hotter the flame, it goes from red to blue.  And then if you're burning something, and you're not causing toxic fumes to make you pass out and convulse, maybe you get some nice black charred bits.  (Can you tell I am a Liberal Arts student through and through?  The thought of high school and college Chemistry courses make me break out into a cold sweat.)

For my Shiseido Eye Color Bar cocktail, The Bunsen Burner, I use the following shades:
  • Champagne - for the oxygen
  • Liquourice - for the charred bits
  • Cassis - hot flame
  • Curacao - super mega burning hot hot flame

This is about as easy as pie (π?) to do.  I used my Tom Ford Espresso liner on my upper lash line to build up a smudgy base and also on the outer third of my lower lash line with a small flat and stiff brush.  I built Liquorice on top of that brown base plus higher up and blended lightly into the crease.  Cassis was lightly applied with a fluffy blending brush above the Liquorice and also overlapped and blended slightly into the Liquorice.  On the lower lash line I placed Liquorice on the outer two thirds.  Curacao is placed as a vibrant (and super hot) plop on the inner third.  Champagne is layered heavily over the black Liquorice.
Otherwise on my face, Chantecaille Future Skin foundation, Ellis Faas concealer under eyes and under nose.  Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof mascara on lashes and Suqqu Balancing brow palette on brows in Moss Green.  Guerlain Madame Rougit blush on cheeks and By Terry lipstick in Flirty Rosy.

I want to know how you're mixing up your shades!  What's your cocktail?  Did you get the Eye Color Bar, too?  Let's play mixologist together.


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