Dior Diorskin Nude Instant Illuminating Powder

>>This product was provided free of charge for consideration<<
As the weather turns cooler, my skin really pulls a number on me.  I am significantly drier and more dehydrated than I had been a few short weeks ago.  Also, I've been looking a bit lifeless in the face.  Lacking a bit of sleep, and trying hard to finish up my summer moisturizing potions, I face the beginnings of autumn with very blah complexion.

Highlighters are a good way to fake a little life and radiance into the skin.  And carefully applied, I don't need to look like a crazy glitterhead.  I have several highlighters already (here), but most of the ones I have are cool pinks or pearly white.  I wanted something that was more harmonious with my Sponge Bob skin tone.  With this in mind, I was able to try a new highlighter through the generosity of Izzy's Beauty Shoppe.  I'd actually seen this Dior highlighter on Asian blogs a while ago and kept on waiting for it to eventually launch in the US, but I was never able to track one down.  I was so happy to be able to find it online at Izzy's.
It's a hefty case with a thick clear bottom.
While not exactly a bright gold, the highlighter color is a pale cool gold.  The case also hold a sponge tipped applicator.  I didn't like it much for picking up the product or placing it or blending.  I much prefer my Hakuhodo J5521 to apply and blend.
In the direct natural light, the effect is evident, but not overly obvious.  I've actually swatched heavily for it to be able to show up well on the camera.  The color is close to my skin tone (about NC20 on my arm) and creates a very natural diffuse gleam of pale, cool gold.
 Here it is in indirect natural light.  You can tell I've put on too much on my inner arm.  It looks terribly chalky and obvious.  I wouldn't put this much on my face either!
Here is a more realistic application on my face.  I've applied on the tops of my cheeks as well as a small amount on my brow bone to catch the light.  The effect is entirely brightening without being blindingly obvious!  I also try not to apply on the front of my cheeks because any highlighter, even one as refined and smooth as this one would emphasize my pores.  

I am also really pleased to be able to offer a special gift for my readers who place an order for the Diorskin Nude Shimmer highlighter through Izzys!  A $30 value, which includes:
1 Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor - VIP Pink  (0.17 OZ / 5 ML) 
1 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow - Stylish Move No. 970 (Miniature) 
1 Dior Wristlet Cosmetic Bag 
You can claim this offer by using the code Backstage when you place an order for the Diorskin Nude highlighter on Izzys Beauty Shoppe here.  This offer expires on October 1st!
disclosure:  This product was provided free of charge by PR/Marketing for consideration.  I strive to give my full and honest opinion regardless of how I've obtained a product.  If you want some more information on my policy, please check out my general disclosure statement.  All links are for your convenience only.


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