Eye Primers

I can't NOT use eye shadow primers on my eye lids.  In the same way that my t-zone is oil productive, my lids are similarly oil prolific, plus the crease and slight hoods make it  a challenge for any eye liner or eye shadow to stay put.  Only exception I'm seeing to this challenge is the By Terry Ombre Blackstars (here).

My eye shadow primer of choice is the Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow base (here) and this is definitely my most favored and pretty much a part of my daily makeup routine.  But rest assured, I am never content with just one, so here are the rest that I own.  Why have one when you can have five?
I recently ordered the Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow primer because hey, cheeeeeap and also heard it is a great primer.  Along are the Edward Bess Illuminating base in Suede, one of the matte white base shadows from a Suqqu quad (from Keshizumi), the Nars and the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.  I guess the PE is really not a primer, it functions as a sticky base for loose shadows and also intensifies shimmer.

This week I was trying out a few days of the Wet n Wild primer.  Apart from the fabulous price, it has a great tube with the pinhole sized opening that allows me to control how much product to dispense.  It's a pale, slightly pink product that is easy to spread.  I've been on a simple wash kick for my eyes (lazy days), so been extra loving Burberry Pale Barley eye shadow.  The eye shadow applied and blended easily over the Fergie base, but I was getting the distinct impressions that it muted down the spectacular complex shimmer of Pale Barley.  Can this be so?  So today, armed with Pale Barley and also Rouge Bunny Rouge's Whispering Ibis, a deep shimmery forest green, I tested out the primers.
In terms of how long lasting each product are, my still ever favorite is Nars for overall performance.  But more so than that aspect of performance, I wanted to take a close look at color and finish alteration over each base.

Everything is layered in sequence over 1) Suqqu white base 2) Nars 3) Edward Bess 4) WnW Fergie 5) Fyrinnae PE 6) over bare skin.

I also used two goat haired brushes from Tom Ford to apply the shades to mimic more of a real eye performance.  (fyi, when I swatch for the blog, it is always over bare skin using my finger tip to apply - unless otherwise noted).
To my eyes, the different changes are more apparent in Pale Barley than in the ultra pigmented Whispering Ibis.  Some standout observations:

  • Holy shiny, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy!  It intensifies the effects of shimmer/glitter like no other.
  • Suqqu white matte base mutes all the suckers down.
  • I like the very sheeny and natural look on my bare skin.  It's a shame my eyelids can not hold on to color without instant fading and creasing.

Generally across Nars, Edward Bess and WnW Fergie, the effects on the color and finish seem pretty uniform.  If anything, Fergie seems to have an edge is bringing about the extra gleam.

The differences were a bit more dramatic when Pale Barley was used.  Fergie did mute down the very delicate shimmery finish of Pale Barley!  I was not having hallucinations after all.  I wonder if the fact that the Nars dries transparently versus the WnW's slight tint is making the ultimate difference?
Edward Bess is in the color Suede which has a deeper tint than my eye lids or inner arm and definitely deepens the light color of Pale Barley somewhat.  It also is shimmer on it's own so seems to just compliment the overall shimmeriness of Pale Barley.

Have you tried any of these eye shadow base products and wonder if you've experience similar things?


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