How My No Buy Is Going

Seems hunger to consume is more deeply ingrained than I anticipated.  Since declaring a no buy (for ever and ever) at the end of last week I did a couple of things.

I've been reading Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 which I borrowed from the Library.  I'll be so sad when I finish this!

I started to unsubscribe from various beauty shopping websites.  No more code, no more sales, no more samples, no more gifts with purchases.

I renounce all beauty shopping!  *cough* *wilts*

Seems I suppress one thing and up pops something else.  Over the weekend my husband and I went to a Korean restaurant to enjoy some killer mul naengmyun (cold noodles in broth).  This is definitely the best naengmyun I've had since coming back from Seoul.  The broth was really rich and beefy (and icy!) and the noodles had great chew.

After dinner, we were walking around and there were various Korean cosmetics shops.  "Want to go in?" asked my husband after spying me peering into the windows.

"No!" I said.  "I stopped buying makeup!"

He laughed and wondered why boxes were still arriving at home.

"Well, I ordered those a while ago."

Oh Diary, I really did want to go in.  You know, just to look.  Only looking, no touching, I promise!  I restrained myself and then we went home.  I think I only felt un-deprived because our meal was so delicious and I felt super full in the Belly.  Most importantly, I bought no more makeup.

To reward my good behavior, I may have bought a handbag.

On my blog roll is a link to a blog maintained by my friend L.P. for her shop Quotidienne* and I saw her post (here) where she photographed how she photographs new product for her shop.  Aside from the cute doggy (!!!!!), I was sucked into the beauty of the bag she featured.  This is the Ellen Truijen bag called the Mommy Dearest*.  Roomy, soft, unstructured and golden.  I'm going to reward my four days of hanging tough by buying something else.
Source: Quotidienne*
I'm going to have to hope that this no buy does not contribute to an explosion of beautiful handbags, shoes, clothes, sexy Belly granny underwear.  Quel dommage!

I just don't do balanced very well, do I?

On the makeup front, in those numerous boxes have been steadily streaming in through my front door and I've already posted on Shiseido's LE Eye Color Bar.  Also are my Japanese goods from the recently new releases.

Busily and happily playing so I can post all these things in more detail.  Below: Addiction Ready to Wear quad in Departure, Addiction Cheek Polish in Suspicious.  I try out a cool plummy look by adding Rouge Bunny Rouge's Sheer Lipstick in Murmurings.  Swatches of those products in the big picture.
Anyway, that's how my no buy has been going.  The next few ... UGH!  The eternity is going to be difficult.

*all unaffiliated links and only for your convenience.  I have no financial interest in any businesses linked on this blog.

Cocktail #1 The Green Rose - Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Shiseido Eye Color Bar