More Tom Ford Orchid Haze and How I Formulate a Post

Bit of a different post today.

Many of you were so awesome to suggest a few different ways to keep the blog active and interesting without actually being all about a brand new purchase.  You gave such fabulous ideas!

In honor of you, I thought it would be interesting to show a post about a (new) product, but which is not a real product post, but more about how I start to formulate my ideas before I post. 

You may notice that it is very rare for me to photograph a brand new and untouched item.  This is for a few reasons.  Number one would be I get really excited to try a new item and I really don't have the self control to wait.  Second and probably more meaningful is that I want to make sure I really give a product a good go before I feel comfortable enough to say I like it or I didn't like it.  I find it hard to write a good post  before using a product many times and often my initial opinions change before I become more firm with my thoughts.

As I use it (especially eye shadow palettes in particular), I'm thinking about a couple of things -
  • eye shadow feel and texture.  I mentioned that I use my finger to swatch and that's usually because I like the tactile sensation of feeling product on my fingertips to really understand how it feels.  In this case, super smooth and creamy.  Feels dreamy.
  • anything notable about tools used (i.e., only works well with a stiff haired brush, only works well with a blowtorch)
  • Do all the colors work or is there a dud and do the colors go well together? 

Photo taking, editing, labelling-
And then waiting for a free moment during the weekend and hoping for a bright sunny day.  And then run outside and take dozens of pictures and rejecting all the rejects for a post.  Good fun.  And then labeling swatch pictures when I'm comparing with other things and then realizing: crap, I missed a really important shade to compare it to and then getting lazy so that I don't retake pictures so I can relabel even more pictures.

For Orchid Haze so far, I'm loving the smooth and rich pigmentation and the lack of the glitter shade that is in other Tom Ford quads.  Feeling some small worries about potential similarities to other smoky mauvey quads like Guerlain Les Fumes.  I start to feel regret about getting rid of Enchanted not because I wanted to really keep it (because Suqqu Himesango won that battle), but because that would have been a good comparison post to show.  Feeling sad I can't compare it to Guerlain Les Bois de Rose either because that one was bye bye, too.

So here's me playing around with the quad for a second time this week trying to get some distinctly different looks out of the palette.  Yesterday's look was kind of soft and smoky but still neutral in vibe.  Today, I try out something more dramatic winging it out focused on the dark shade and emphasizing my crease.  I used the mauve satin shade as the base, and used the darker shimmer shade to layer lightly but focused on the center of the lid.  Plus a tiny bit of the pale shimmer near brow bone.  (a nude blush and sheer pale lipstick to balance out the oomphy eyes)

There are some great comprehensive posts out there right now! 
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Happy Friday, everyone!!!!  Oh god (Pan), what a long week.

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