Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Originally, I was planning on finally putting up the swatches of Tom Ford's Orchid Haze quad because I've been thoroughly enjoying it and have been talking about it enough already.  However, I changed plans immediately when this ended up in my mailbox yesterday.  Since I've only had it for about 24 hours, I can't really speak about every aspect of the Eye Color Bar, but I am so excited about this.

To be honest, I've been excited about this since I saw the early previews on Swatcharama (here and here).  When Shiseido's Facebook page recently announced this limited edition item's availability, I jumped on it.
The palette is made of heavy duty cardboard and has an abstract design of all the shades and then a stylized view of the layering shade that transforms each color with some extra glow.  I tried that effect on my arm!  Look at the glow down the center of the blob.

Before we get further distracted, here is the palette opened up with the huge mirror on the side, and the nine colors.  The eye shadow pans are protected by the plastic sheeting, which is conveniently labelled with the shade names.  I saw on Nicole's Swatcharama that each horizontal trio can be removed.  But as you can see the lines on the plastic sheet, this is a perfect mixer and matcher.  The palette name in French is actually Couleurs Cocktail (Yeux).  And like components in a mixed drink, various delicious elixirs are mixed to produce your favorite look.  The color names are actually names of various drinks.

Get ready, this is probably the most picture-heavy post I've ever done.
Champagne: Like the bubbly beverage, it is golden in tone and has pale tonal golden shimmer.  This is one of the frostier colors in the palette and can be used to layer over the other colors.  I used this in my blob picture to give the sheeny golden glow.
Noisette: Definitely nutty!  It's a pretty brown taupe slightly cool in tone and shimmery.
Menthe: The swatch pictures below are more color accurate than this pan pic (which looks too blue).  It's a pale minty green with golden shimmer.
Parfait Amour: A stunning purple with pale pink, silver and light blue shimmer.  Amazing color.
Liquorice: A warm black with some red tones in it.  Pigmented and smoky and also shimmery.
Cassis:  Looks very hot pink in the pan, but swatches more red.  Shimmer, of course.
Curaçao: Bright and intense blue.  Very reflective and sheeny.
Café: Warm satin brown.  Slightly sheerer than the other shades.
Soda: It looks boring in the pan and but when swatched it reflects intensely pale pink.   Quite a stunning color for creating a base or layering as a pink reflective topper shade.

View of the "trios" or rather each horizontal bar.

And then all nine shades swatched on my arm.

And because the textures are so lovely in Shiseido eye shadows, some angled views with which you can really see the varying levels of shimmer.
This makes a stunning addition to a collection for those with mostly neutral colors.  This reminds me of one of those giant color palettes you buy from Sephora or something.  The difference would be in the textures and quality of Shiseido.  I love the soft textures and beautiful finishes of this brand, so this thing is pretty EPIC for me!

I'm really excited to play with this palette and expect to get endless variations from it!

Shiseido Eye Color Bar worth mixing up for you?

*edited 9/16/13
Seems to be in stock online at various US retailers.
Shiseido online store (here)
Bergdorf Goodman (here)
Saks Fifth Avenue available for pre-order (here)
Macy's online (here
Nordstrom online (here) - shipping 9/19

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