I had a crappy weekend!  I posted on Twitter that my wallet was stolen while I was shopping at the mall.  Adding insult to injury was that it was a new wallet I purchased a little while ago from Quotidienne.  It had an adorable Pacman charm as a zipper pull.  *deep sigh* 

I guess the pick pocket was able to tell that I was distracted while shopping and she (I'm pretty sure it was a woman) was able to unzip my purse, lift out my wallet, and then zip it right back up.  I feel pretty dumb for being so unaware of my surroundings. 

The wallet was the most valuable thing, since I had only about ten dollars in cash there.  (and also about 10 pounds of change!)  But I did have all sorts of identification, insurance and credit and bank cards in there.  I spent several hours cancelling all of those, checking lost and found, and then filing a report with the police.  I'm also putting a fraud alert with the credit monitoring agencies to make sure the thief doesn't do some damage to my credit and identity.

So I put a hex on her.  May her mascara always clump, her curl drop and smear into panda eyes.  May her favorite lipstick go rancid.  May she find all her favorite skincare be reformulated and cause her a severe case of eczema.  The $10 burger she buys with the stolen cash cause her severe intestinal upset.

On a happy note, our family went out on a little walk yesterday into the local woods.  Mr Belly went ahead into a clearing and bended a corner into a small trail.  A second later, he came back speedwalking exclaiming: SKUNKSKUNKSKUNKSKUNKSKUNK.  He didn't want to alarm the creature.
Funny thing  was that the skunk was anything but alarmed.  It ambled along behind Mr. Belly and followed him like a little pet.  Actually, it was very similarly sized to a medium sized housecat and also very cute.  Cute, but not so cute that I was keen on getting too close to it.  It eventually lost interest in us and ambled away.  I would like a cute pet skunk to take away the pain of a stolen wallet.

I trust you had a good weekend?  Any wildlife sightings on your end?

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