The god Pan

Rambling post:

I've been doing some thinking, which as you know can lead to all sorts of many feelings.  Makeup lovers post pictures of pan* with pride.  It's a symbol of achievement, of sustained love, endurance and discipline.  Aside from the Laura Mercier I posted the other day (and chucked), I really don't have pan to show off nor do I have anything even closely resembling pan except this guy:
Souce: theoi
I may need to become religious and start worshipping the Greek god Pan because having some sort of a hallucination maybe the only way I'm ever going to get pan or Pan.  This saddens me.

I can tell myself that it's practically impossible to hit pan on powdered products like eye shadows and if I don't reapply lipsticks regularly, it's not fair to expect to use up a lipstick.

But really, those are excuses.  I just have too much stuff.  All loved and well enjoyed but too much.  I actually get to everything and for most things I own each piece has a reason for being.  Well you got me, because I have very obscure and esoteric reasons for somethings but still... reasons.

Really generous and kind friends have allowed me to recently splurge on the hard to purchase items from Suqqu, Addiction & THREE.  And then there was a hasty purchase of a few long-coveted Chikuhodo brushes.  And yesterday there was a splurge on Tom Ford Orchid Haze.  (and, and, and)

Splurges are nice, aren't they?  To acquire something desired and to await their delivery are all lovely things.  Are these are not even here yet, but already I feel a bit of a overwhelmed ... some feeling.  Not guilt actually, but a deep unease.

So hey, I bought Orchid Haze yesterday as I mentioned.  Been lusting after this particular quad since I played with it several weeks ago.  Wore it here.  Super boring placement on the lids (dark to light gradient) paired with Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick.  I hope to do a more detailed post soon with some varied eye placements.  My first impression is ... drool.  I should have bypassed the In the Pink trio for this quad all along.
TF Orchid Haze, TF liner in Espresso, TF Black Orchid
Suqqu Brow pen in Moss Green, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara,
Suqqu EX-03 blush, Amore Pacific CC compact

Anyway, I'm going to go on an indefinite no-buy.  The no buy is a reaction to the recent Fall splurges.  I have some allowances however.
  • replace all recently finished foundations (2) with 1 more foundation and continue replenishing used up ones.
  • repurchase base products once finished (loose & pressed powder)
  • repurchase sunscreens
  • repurchase mascaras once all others are fnished.
  • repurchase my Tom Ford Espresso eye liner - down to a sad little stumpy
  • can repurchase skincare but only after finishing all backups and samples
  • no more lipsticks, no more eye shadows.
  • go and look for purges to make
  • be sad but gain some sanity
  • finish learning to ride a bike
  • read more books
I suppose we will have some unintended consequences on this blog.  While I have plenty to show for a bit and much interest still in beauty, I'm shutting up my wallet and figuratively cutting up my credit cards.  I ebb and flow.  Tis me, Belly.

I can't wait until I get to show you all some pan (in 10 years!  giggle)!  Of the makeup kind and not the goat god kind!

See you later, gators.

*pan is the bit of metal you hit if you use enough product to reveal the "pan" underneath

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