Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Orchid Haze

I've been so enamored with Shiseido these days that I've completely neglected to put up actual swatches of my new Tom Ford addition: the Orchid Haze quad.  And considering I've been blathering like a fool about this quad, let me get down to business and show you the money.
Orchid Haze was recently released along with Fall.  While the Fall advertising images focus on the LE items, the brand quietly released several other items.  Among the quads, they released the permanent Orchid Haze, and two quads that had previously been Asia-only items, Seductive Rose and Lavender Lust.  I really love that the brand made previously inaccessible items available in the US!  Good thing is that I was really wanting to get a hold of Seductive Rose previously, but having seen it in person decided to put my grubby hands elsewhere.  Elsewhere = Orchid Haze.
Unlike the general Tom Ford format of containing a sheer glitter top coat, Orchid Haze contains one frost, one shimmer shade, one satin and one that is nearly matte with a slight shimmer.  For ease of use, the lack of the glitter shade makes it a versatile palette.  While it may not have the bling factor of say, Seductive Rose (which has two glitter shades) the colors have enough depth and contrast among the shades to go full on dramatic, or perfectly sedate.  (As shown here and here)

Here are my swatches, clockwise from the top left.
First a light slightly pink and mostly champagne high frost shade.
Second shade is a shimmery taupe with dusty rose tones with multi colored shimmer bits.
Third is a deep plum brown that is mostly matte, but with some imperceptible shimmer in the pan.
Fourth shade is a rosy mauve satin shade.
The picture below is a good representation of the finish of each shade.  I think the quality of Tom Ford eye shadows has come a long way since the original releases (of which I kept Cognac Sable) which were tighter and drier in texture.  Orchid Haze (along with In the Pink) has seriously lovely smooth textures and the shimmer that remain firmly affixed to the lid and without fall out.
This below is taken in indirect natural light.
As I mentioned a while ago, there are probably some good comparison eye shadows from other brand that can make some good comparison, but uh, I don't have them any more.  As I recall off the top of my head, Guerlain Bois de Rose has a more pinker tone compared to the mauve shade in Orchid Haze and the frost tone in BdR is also a brighter, pinky white than the frost shade here.  Tom Ford's LE Enchanted is significantly cooler in tone than Orchid Haze and contains a glitter shade.  Guerlain's Les Fumes (which I have, but too lazy to photograph together) is greyer and dustier in overall feel.

Have you also noticed the quality difference of Orchid Haze, She Wolf and In the Pink to the older quads as well?

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