Addiction Lip Crayon in Red Lantern

Buying Addiction makeup items is like buying candy.  Majority of my purchases to date have been such great fun.  My last happy purchase was the permanent palette Departure.  Departing from the eyes (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk) I am featuring the Lip Crayon.
Addiction carries several lip products in the line, and so far I only have experience with the one Lip Crayon and my one lipstick Last Scene.  For their range of lip products they provide a matrix that provides some insight on pigmentation and shine.  I don't read Japanese so not sure what the axis represent.  If someone can help translate the picture below, that would be helpful!
Wonderful Claire from Land of Lorp explains thusly:
"The Y-axis represents the finish, matte towards the positive (top), and shiny towards the negative (bottom). The X-axis represents pigmentation, with high pigmentation/opaque towards the negative (left -- Jap literal translation "Cover" I assume since it covers=is opaque), and sheer pigmentation towards the positive (right)."

The Lip Crayons come in a kind of stout shiny black tube.  Turning the bottom will extract and retract the product.  There's a fair bit in there.

Fully extended
It is an intensely pigmented product and has a matte finish.
Red Lantern is a bright cool-toned red color of some insane intensity.  It also has a silicone feel which while not slippy, feels smooth to apply without any drag or tugging.  One swipe builds color right away and can be layered on further.  Here are direct and indirect natural light swatches.
You can see the edges of the circle looking very cooly red, despite the yellow of my skin.  That testifies to it's opacity and coolness.
It's really a beautiful color and very striking on.  Here is Red Lantern compared against my other pretty reds (direct and then indirect natural light).  Seems like Suqqu Karakurenai (now discontinued, as all Creamy Glows are) seems a tiny bit close in coolness and intensity, but Red Lantern is matte while Karakurenai has that lovely shine.
 Last Scene is slightly translucent (incidentally very wearable) and warmer, while Raw Silence appears the truest red out of the bunch on my skin.  Ichijuku is very warm, and darker.
Difference in finish can be seen here, angled to catch the light.
Hopefully, I've shown how just beautifully bright Red Lantern is.  Unfortunately, this matte finish and intensity of pigmentation really seems to pull a number and drying out my lips.
It feels dry on the lips.  While initially it feels dry but not drying, over time, over the hours and hours of its long-lasting wear, my lips start to feel uncomfortably parched.  I've been overcompensating by wearing a healthy dose of lip balm underneath (Nuxe Reve de Miel is a nice matte finish balm).  Wearing a lot of balm underneath will also decrease its wear time but makes it a bit more bearable to wear.

I wearing Red Lantern below.  It is very brightening on the face!  On eyes, Shiseido Ghost and Chanel Taupe Gris.  Guerlain Madame Rougit blush on cheeks.  And Clé de Peau concealer to spot conceal old chicken pox scars on my neck and chest.
Should I keep it for the beautiful color or kill it for the drying formula?  Do you hold onto products even if the formula is less than perfect?


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