Some things are best left unsaid, and definitely left without photographs as proof.  Other things are best shared so lessons can be learned.

Confession number one:  I've been using Latisse, the eye lash enhancing prescription since June.  I had used this before and had some pretty nice results so I was pretty disappointed this time around.  I've been having weird scraggly looking longer lashes and some sparseness in spots.

Confession number two:  Sometimes my lazy ways are beyond stupid.
I curl my eye lashes with the Suqqu eye lash curler.  It fits the curve of my eyes and gives a very dramatic lift and curl without pinching.

I noticed a funny thing today as I was curling my lashes.  When I clamped down the curler, I noticed a very dull tugging and noticed a few lashes falling down on my cheeks.  Slightly alarmed, I took a closer look at the curler and saw some loose eye lashes clinging to the black silicone pad.  My pad was so over used that the top metal piece cut a sharp groove in to the center of the pad.  That groove had turned into a little eye lash guillotine and basically chopped a part of my eye lashes off!

(Do NOT click to continue if you are easily grossed out)

What's worse, when I pulled the pad out to replace it with a new one, I examined that groove and pulled this out:

What, you're not going to pin it on Pinterest?
This is many months' worth of hairs clamped and cut off.  Here, I've saved a vomit pail for you.

I'm not exactly sure how long the life of an average eye lash curler pad is.  This one is well over a year old.

My lashes are pretty short and skimpy on the right side, but I'm looking forward to growing them back.

Oh by the way, I hope I didn't scare you with the Suqqu curler.  For my eye shape, I am a big fan of this curler and with the new pad in it, it's been working like a dream.  I've learned a very important lesson though.  Change, CHANGE that replaceable eye lash curler pad!

So...confess!  Anything weighing heavily on your makeup mind?

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