Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain in Gracy

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Some colors are immediately perfect regardless of it's brightness or depth.  I am happy to wear a dark saturated lip color like Suqqu Ichijiku and it feels nothing outrageous despite it's aggressively deep tones.  Other colors make me feel like my lips are some odd separate entity floating in front of my face. I felt that way when I wore Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas (here).  Bright and pink, like Rose Taffetas is usually a color I find most difficult to wear.  I think it is often the clashing versus my skin tone...?  However, when I was given an opportunity to try a Guerlain Rouge G from Izzy's Beauty Shoppe, I chose the uncomfortably bright pink Gracy.

In the very bright, but indirect natural light, my lips look positively glowing.
Of full-pigmented lipsticks, the unwieldy Rouge G's are one of my favorite formulas.  Rouge Gs feel very light on the lips, and feels moisturizing without any thick unctuousness.  The subtle shine on the color is very flattering on the lips and it is kind to my lips.

If I were to play with an uncomfortably bright opaque pink, a Rouge G is the perfect candidate for play and experimentation.  It's a stunningly gorgeous pink.  In the warm natural light, you can see the color warmed up and having a warm rosiness.  This is a fabulously opaque swatch with just one swipe of the bullet on my arm.  I don't see any shimmer, but the finish is a softly lustrous shine.  Fabulous looking color, dontcha think?
As a further expounding on this experimentation on pinks, I trudged out my handy old standby Rouge G, in Bianca, which is from the sheer brilliant range of the Rouge Gs (previously posted on here).  This is warm pinky coral but with a lot of sheerness, which allows the cool tones from my lips to peep through.
Stumpy Bianca, she looks so shopworn compared to her younger sibling Gracy.  Poor thing.
Relative to the warm coral tones of Bianca, Gracy looks quite cool.  You can see how sheer Bianca is, which has been built up with several circular swipes.  Gracy is again a one-swipe swatch.
Shall we compare and contrast?  The top three pictures, I'm wearing Gracy and on the bottom row, I'm wearing the sheer Bianca.  I'm otherwise wearing the same makeup in both sets of pictures, Shu Uemura hard 9 brow pencil in Seal Brown, Burberry Pale Barley as a simple wash on the lids, Tom Ford Espresso eye defining pencil, plus Fasio mascara.  No blush.
Some rudimentary observations:

  • the high contrast color of Gracy seems to make my eyes and brows stand out strongly.  Even my eye lashes (the few that survived the guillotine) seem to stand starker.
  • even though the lighting is the same, my skin seems yellower when wearing Gracy.  I look an oddly soft lit kind of pallid wearing Bianca.  I look pallid, but more even toned.
I can't quite say one color is more flattering on me or not.  I'm not even sure I have a point to make actually!  I'm not sure what makes a color like Gracy just teetering dangerously into the unwearability.  It's something with the contrast against my skin and a pastelly opacity that feels challenging to me.  But Gracy is stunning none the less.  

Thank you to the generous Izzy's for making this stunning color something I can play with!

By the way, I've added a new tag called Compare Contrast.  I'm intrigued to explore (from stuff existing in my makeup collection) similar colors on my face that work/don't work and try to figure out what's making it so.  I think the next up in this series will be Suqqu Creamy Glow in Ichijiku (which I adore) versus Karakurenai which looks painted on in an unfortunate manner.  I may not have a lot of new purchases to show you, but I have feelings and I have explorations to conduct.  Off we go!
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