Sausage Friday

So what's been happening with me this week?

I took the day off yesterday because the theft of my wallet from the other day is a gift that still keeps on giving.  I took the time to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to request a replacement for my drivers license.  I was in and out in thirty minutes and the place was efficient and the staff was so nice.

Having taken the day off, Mr. Belly & I traveled out to Woodside, Queens.  I'm sure you all know, but New York City is comprised of 5 boroughs of which Manhattan is just one of the five.  Queens is one of the most exceptionally diverse areas in the whole world and therefore is home to some of the best restaurants anywhere.  We went to a Thai restaurant called SriPraPhai which is well known in New York for offering some excellent Thai fare.  Maybe it is still somehow altered for the local tastes though?  Having eaten Thai food in Thailand, my very provincial tastes seems to exhibit a slight preference for this New York restaurant.  If you are traveling to NYC, take the quick ride from Midtown Manhattan on the 7 train and experience spicy, savory, sour nirvana.  No pictures, because I was too busy stuffing my face.  I encourage everyone to travel to the outerboroughs for some incredible foods usually at prices well below what you'd normally find in Manhattan.

We then hit the road again to Ridgewood, Queens.  This is a working class neighborhood off the L subway line.  The L train is hipster line stopping at the more hipsterish Williamsburg, but further off the L train is also the neighborhood of Ridgewood.  A century ago, this used to be a very German-immigrant neighborhood (also Eastern European) but the demographic has changed to be more hispanic.  Hipsters (and artists) are slowing migrating into this neighborhood (NYT article here) for the reasonable housing prices.  Probably one of the very best things about this neighborhood is that it is chock full of old-school charms.  Top on my list is the Ridgewood Pork Store.

Mr. Belly and I asked for an assortment of sausages that will keep a while and ended up with a HUGE quanity of delights including Farmers sausages, Hunters something or another in beef and pork.  Here is the store interior strung up with all sorts of drying yummy things.  The whole place smells like pork and smoke and garlic.  I don't know about you, but that's my kind of sexy.
I have no idea what all these things are, but we were overwhelmed.  We were happy to put ourselves into the hands of the friendly counter person who labeled and selected products for us to take home.
More yums.
The very friendly person at the counter gave us two GIANT sausages to try.  One was a hazelnut and red wine sausage.  They are strung up in my kitchen basking in my adoring gaze.  Meanwhile, it's just fun to walk by and giggle.  Snausages.

I've been sticking to my no buy, not experiencing any overwhelming desire to break it.  I did finally completely finish up two foundations and allowed under my terms to get a new one, but I think I will work on finishing my Cle de Peau creamy foundation before buying a replacement.

Delightfully, absolutely relieved this is Friday.  What's new with you this week?

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