Selfridges Online is Now Shipping to the US!

Oh dear.  The temptations keep on coming don't they?

Selfridges has been offering International shipping on its online store and now recently added the United States as well.  (Thank you, Lipstick Boulevards for letting me know!  Darn you!  *shakes fist*)  Shipping now costs a bargain basement £25 (about $40 current exchange rate).

You know what this means, don't you?  That means Suqqu is accessible along with Charlotte Tillbury (and RMK).  Ichibankao is still probably a good all-around resource for Japanese cosmetics and placing small orders, but it's really nice having Selfridges ship to us now.  The counters no longer ship via telephone orders, which is fine because their shipping was, I think about $85 to the US.

I put a theoretical order into my shopping cart to illustrate the pricing.  I'm fantasy buying the Cheek Brush and the Loose Powder in Natural.
When you select the International Shipping option and sign in, you will see that the VAT (value added tax) is deducted from the item price.  The £85 Cheek Brush is reduced to £70.83 and the £40 Powder is reduced to £33.33.  Looks like the VAT deduction is 16.7%.  In this particular scenario the £20 VAT deduction is a nice offset to the £25 shipping fee (which is still high).

Of course, you also can not control if your incur further customs fees when you import with your purchases, so potentially you can end up more.
As cilucia points out below, Selfridges will adjust you cart and add in additional duty.  I think you reach a threshold amount & then *plink* additional fees will be added.  No ugly surprises at your doorstep, you know.

Let us all know if you end up making a purchase through the site and let us know how your experience goes.  So so so... I can live vicariously through you during my forever no buy.  Wahhhh!

Selfridges link to the Suqqu page, for your viewing pleasure here.

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