Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Benichagasane EX-16

I am so excited!  Wandering around the Japanese-language brand websites unearths all sorts of interesting things: the Rie Omoto video tutorials on the THREE website and now, I've found neat face charts for all the new eye shadow quads from this fall from Suqqu.  They show detailed placements for each quad, placement for the face palette, lip color used.  It's great!  Of course, I don't read Japanese, maybe I can run these through Google translate but translators always make funny muck out of sites.  They always come out something like "Make light and beauty the gentle procrastination of wash color."
Click for the link!
Check out the link underneath the picture because you may find them useful!  I plan on trying these out and I like how the model's eyes are slightly hooded like mine.  I think I will enjoy giving these a try.

Let's turn our attention to the product of the day which is one of the three limited edition eye shadow palettes from Fall.  Of the three, I purchased two.  In Spring, I purchased three and ended up keeping two.  My logic is maybe start with a smaller number.  I like these limited edition cases, which are different than the plain black cases of the permanent ones.  This one has a gradient light lavender on top and becoming a deep purply navy on the bottom.  No matter.  If I really truly truly love it, I must decapitate it.  I mean, I must depot it.
Here are the pictures of the colors in the pan.  Again Suqqu reintroduces the five color in a four-pan format.  The split pan has a small narrow sliver of an unexpected accent color.  A hot pink.  Ooh, naughty Suqqu.

Blah blah blah, Suqqu butter smooth fine milled blah blah texture.

It's been my experience (adjusts monocle, smoothes long white mustache into a fine waxy tip), these recent limited edition releases and also the original five-color palettes have some pretty nice pigmentation.  If you were unimpressed with the pigmentation in the now discontinued old quads, you may find these more to your liking.  If however you're expectation is along the lines of something like Urban Decay, you will be pretty unimpressed.  Just setting the right level of expectation here.
 The colors are:

  • warm shimmery gold
  • brown taupe that is warm in the base color but has some intense multi colored shimmer that brings a cool sheen
  • pinky matte white
  • deep cool matte brown
  • sheer but bright hot cool pink with sparse silvery sparkles

I'd tried a couple of different placements and found that wearing the brown taupe as the main lid shade looked a bit bruised.  In the look below, I'm wearing the gold as the main shade up past the crease, the brown taupe on the outer third and lower lash line.  The pinky white to highlight from crease to brow bone and the dark brown to define around the eyes.  I used the bright pink under my eyes and below the darkly defined lower lash line.  Hot pink is kind of a challenging color to wear and by putting the dark brown as a barrier between the pink and my eye ball, I think it becomes pretty wearable.
I liked the idea of playing on the idea of the bright pink, so I'm wearing Tom Ford LE blush Narcissist and Suqqu Bright Up Lipstick in 02 Hanabeni.

Wandering through the rest of my eye shadows, I wondered if the golden tones of Shiseido's Beach Grass would have any similarities.
Shiseido Beach Grass - Pre-Accidental Carnage
Heh.  Actually not so much.  But there is some similar feel (so many feeeeels) among the white, the golden shades.  The top set are from Beach Grass and the bottom is from Benichagasane.  In the Suqqu, I combined the split pan into one blended shade on the far left.  The now reddened brown shade has some sisterly affinity to the purple of Beach Grass.  
Angled to catch the light differently.  Ok, I guess I was stretching and they really are different.  Maybe we all need both. 
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