Suratt Automatique Lip Crayon - Swatch Set

I promised and so I delivered!  Well kind of, in a little lamb-chicken-BAWKBAWK kind of way.  I went to the Surratt counter to make some better swatches and to take some better pictures and oddly felt overwhelmed with social anxiety.  What if they ask me if they can help me?  What if I look like a hobo stalking the counter.  What if they tell me to go away?!

I am personally interested in the lip crayon from the line and apparently, the PR buzz on the P.O.C color is revving up and calling it a red everyone can wear.  *shrug*  I saw seven crayons.  This is a phone picture, so not ideal, but looks pretty close to real representation to me.  I took a few pictures with a real camera, so I will swap this picture out later.  It's cloudy, unfortunately, so they are slightly more muted than I thought in person.

Here they are from left to right:
Seductrice, Deep in Vogue, Mahogany, Megalomane, Shocking, Alluring and P.O.C.
Seductrice is a deep cool plummy red.
Deep in Vogue deep cool plurple.
Mahogany is a brown toned Oxblood.
Megalomane is a blue toned and bright red
Shocking is a bright cool pink.
Alluring is a pinky, cool red
P.O.C is an orange toned red

This is no detailed post obviously, since I am on a no-buy, but here's what I thought.  The pencils feel very similar to the smooth slightly dry feel of the Nars Velvet Matte lip crayons.  It's on the Barneys website as having high on pigment, but maybe they've not experienced the cuckoo for cocoapuffs level of pigmentation of Addiction Lip Crayon.  It is well pigmented, but it took 2-3 swipes to build up to what you see here.

It's matte, but has a soft velvety look in the finish.  Can't say whether lasts long or not, since I've not worn it on my lips, but after a half hour, I was able to swipe it off easily, but which left a big slightly red stain on my hand.

I love that the color range is mostly reds and vamps!  I want the Suqqu Bright Ups to have this color range and then I would really need to test my no buy to the max.

You can buy in person at Barneys in NY or on line where is currently pre-selling (here).

Any color calling your name...LOUDLY? 

Signing Off - For Now

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