THREE 4D Eye Palette in 10 Mystery Girl

This palette is among several THREE eye shadow palettes I've purchased and have been contentedly playing with thanks to a most generous friend in Japan.  THREE is possible to purchase online through Ichibankao with eye-watering markup.

Immediately take a look at Kate the Driveller's recent post (here) on her 4D palettes.  She's done an amazing job describing the textures and qualities of these palettes and she sure does have an enviable collection of them.  (Sleep with one eye open, Kate;  I have 4D envy.)
Mystery Girl is probably the duller looking of the three palettes released by the brand this Autumn.  It is all drab yellowy browns, muted grey and warm dark brown.  In addition to Mystery Girl, I also picked up the burgundy and rosy mixed Star Guitar as well.  The appeal of Mystery Girl are the warm tones, of course.  Like other brown quads well-loved (like Suqqu Matsukasa here), Mystery Girl is all about contrast of textures and tones.

Described clockwise from the upper left, the first pan is a warm grey.  In the pan it looks deceptively satiny, but applied has a profusion of bright shimmer.  The dark brown is the very interesting THREE signature cream shade.  This brown has some intense shimmer which are multi-colored in red, green, gold and copper).  The lower right shade is a glitter shade which has well-dispersed and really bright pink and gold glitter.  The base color in the glitter shade is actually pretty well pigmented and shows a rosy golden peach.   The final shade is a true satin and a really ugly looking color, and I love it.  It's a warm mustardy tan.

I think the 4D name of these palettes is a great way to describe the multi-dimensional look I can achieve with this product.  The cream adds the depth (and shimmer), while the layering of the satin and the shimmer shade contrasts tones and finally the the bright lift of light comes from the sheer glitter shade

Here are the swatches on my slightly tan inner arm.  On my paler face, the colors are much more intense.  The colors are in the same order as described above, clockwise from the upper left.
Some disappointment with this quad is the brown glitter cream shade.  Quite unlike the other quads and one duo I own, this one is very dry and not easy to apply.  It has a tendency to ball and roll up if worked very hard with a brush or on the lid.  I'm not sure if I own a dud cream shade or if this particular quad has an inferior formula compared to the other palettes.

A notable feature of the power shades is the ultra silky texture (similar to the blushes here).  I'm not sure I've ever felt anything so silky and fine.  The strong pigmentation and that silkiness makes blending very easy.

The glimmer and shimmer in the direct sunlight really brings out the incredible silvery brightness in that warm grey.  (fake satiner! Repent!  Repent!)  The cream brown!  The multi-colored shimmer is lovely indeed.
The surprising thing is how much light reflection these colors have even in low light.
The only issue I have is the oddly dry cream (again very different from the other palettes I have).  I love it worn, it is warm neutral and especially complex with the shimmery grey to contrast against all the yellowy browns.  You can see it worn in my recent post (here).  It can be worn dramatically as seen in that post, or played more subtly and more daytime appropriate.

I wonder if you also have issues with drying creams from the THREE palettes?  If so let me know, I'd also love to see if you were successfully able to revive it.  

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