Chikuhodo Brush Preview!

How about some pretty brushes?
I have my share of beautiful and exceptionally functional brushes.  Of course, I figured, why not gild that lily some more by adding some Chikuhodo brushes?

Chikuhodo is another high-end brush line.  In addition to manufacturing and selling their own eponymous brushes, they also make brush for various other brands (here).  Among them are RMK, Lunasol and Suqqu.  That's enough for a brush lover like me to covet the brand.  Of course, they are hand crafted in Kumano, Japan.  I believe you can purchase these in person at shops in Japan and also elsewhere in Asia.  I can only order online.  I've ordered my brushes on Kohlindo (here).  Kohlindo is based in Sweden and ships all over the world.  Malin manages the shop and also answers questions!

There are several series offered by Chikuhodo varying in price point.  Originally, I was most drawn to the Z series, which reminded me of the sleek Suqqu brushes.  But based on some conversations on makeupalley, it appears Z's have a much more density.  Not that that's not awesome, but between the airy squirrelly goodness of my Suqqu brushes and the more dense goatiness of my Tom Ford, I was probably set in terms of face brushes.

Here's what I received.  Actually what I RAN to the post office to pick up today:
Z-3 which is a shader brush.  I thought this will come in handy for my contour product.  I'm actually only down to Burberry Earthy but still use this regularly.
Artist Series Red in 6-1, 8-1, 10-1, 8-8 (this one was a kind gift from Kohlindo).
I've not used the brushes yet, obviously.  But soon, my fluffies, SOOON!  Meanwhile, I am struck by how teeny tiny these are.  I always knew they were going to be small, but seeing them in person is a whole other level of SQUEEE.  Look at the BIC pen for size reference.
The red Artist Series nestle in my hand like tiny children's brushes.
By the way, I placed this order prior to my no buy.  This was probably one of a series of concurrent purchases that made me go on the no buy two months ago.  Malin was kind enough to place an order with Japan to get the Artist Series brushes for me that were out of stock at the time I ordered.

I plan on posting at some point, after getting some good use out of them and gathering my thoughts.  It takes a while to gather and tender and ephemeral threads of my thoughts into a paragraph.  Takes LOTS of efforts!

Let's see, I went to Sephora yesterday.  One of the mega ones in Manhattan to pick up a few little things for a friend and of course, I had to go play with things.  I spent an inordinate amount of time dangerously playing with the Guerlain Rouge G's.  I tell you, I love that formula!  After sanitizing the CRAP out of the bullet, I tried on Girly.  I posted about Gracy recently, which is a similarly saturated and bright pink but always harbored disturbingly covetous thoughts about Girly.
I left the store and then immediately placed Girly into my online cart.  I was really close to buying it, but then ultimately took it out.  On the one hand, super proud I exercised a small modicum of self control.  On the other hand, that is one HOT pink!  Though richly saturated and opaque, I think Girly is  a clearer truer color than Gracy and is therefore more flattering.  Girly will forever remain on my disgustingly sexually inappropriate lemming list for beautiful pinks.

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!  Right now, I am roasting a chicken in the oven using the late great Marcella Hazan's recipe for Chicken with Lemons (here).  Can't wait until it is out of the oven.  Right now, it's scenting the whole house with mouthwatering smells.

Oh Gawd, No!

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