Hanging On - No Buy

Guhhhhh!  Two months into no-buy

In the US, there are various discount events going on at beauty retailers and I suspected this was going to be tough. 

Sephora has the 20% off VIB event happening right now.  And because I requested to be taken off emails from them (along with many other companies), I didn't get any mailings about the event.  Of course, I am a citizen of the internet, blogs, Makeupalley so I knew the event was starting.  Did I need anything that fulfilled the terms of my no-buy and allowed me some leeway to make some legitimate purchases?

Last month, I purchased a brand new Ellis Faas concealer (here) and Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (here) as I had run out and even got to use $10 worth of drugstore.com dollars.  I don't really need anything.

You know what's a dangerous thing?  Trying to stretch the definition of "need."  Do I buy if I need a replacement now, or do I buy because I project an anticipated need later?  I have plenty of my Eve Lom cleansing products (here) to last me a good 3-4 months of regular use as well as various samples lying about.  What if in 3-4 months, there won't be another Beauty.com 20% event or Sephora event?  Based on saving future monies, it's a practical need to spend right now.  Right? (or wrong?)

How much does reward factor into all this?  Do I need to motivate continued good behavior by allowing very small indulgences which help me feel not deprived?

Also, I'm cheap!

I am picking up a small item for a friend and without the store coupon, I went online to place an order and then realizing I didn't meet the $50 order minimum for free shipment.  I added $5 Boscia blotting linens (a bargain from the regular $10 and then 20% off!).  Then added another pack.  Then another pack.  To save $5.95 in shipping I kept on adding like a dozen packs of blotting linen.  I became a bit more clear headed and got a hold of a printable Sephora coupon to use in store.  (but what about ebates?)  *head slowly implodes*

If not makeup, can I buy a mirror?
This is from that very utilitarian brand SimpleHuman, which is more of a kitchen garbage can kind of a brand, but this lighted mirror is just $200 and available to purchase on Beauty.com with a 20% discount (here).

So no, I've bought nothing, and ended up spending a lot of brain power.  All for naught.  Obviously, I'm impotent with overthinking.  I also started to think a bit about a way to buy makeup again in a more reasonable manner.  Does balance exist for me?

Are you participating, wish-list making, executing killer buys?  What are you buying during the big events?

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