Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The magnificent convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won't be back for another 70,000 years!  Let's us celebrate the Festival of Lights with turkey latkes.  Wait, I don't like turkey.  I love a good latke, though.

Whatever you celebrate, if you are celebrating it, have a wonderful holiday!  I chopped up a load of onions and made myself teary.  But all in anticipation of excellent noshing tomorrow.  Ah!  Happy days.

On makeupalley, the venerable Driveller posted a challenge to recreate a most challenging and most green look.  I give it a go:
Pretty sure this didn't turn out anything like the inspiration picture Kate posted:
MU artist: Lan Nguyen, source: "Makeup Is Art"
I say, I say, from this turkey to you: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!
What plans you got cooking?

P.S. Product breakdown you say?!  
Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Porcelain (for extra the extra pales)
Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighter in Sea of Tranquility liberally for extra pale glow all over the place
Cle de Peau concealer brushes through brows
Burberry Earthy to contour nose
Shiseido Shimmering Cream eye shadow in Caviar
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir
Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow in Whispering Ibis
Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow in Periwinkle Cardinal
Addiction Soda Lunch quad yellow
Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow in Unforgettable Oriole
Suqqu Creamy Glow lipstick in Karakurenai
Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish in Killa Red (on one hand only)
LOTS of cleansing oil to rub this shit off

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