Haul, Huh-All, Howl

Happy weekend, everyone!  Thank you for making my recent blog sale successful!  That was a tough round of editing my collection, but ultimately felt good letting go.

With makeup drawers feeling loosely packed, and my digital wallet feeling slightly fuller, I may have "broken" my no buy.  "Broken" is a funny word, conjuring up feelings of betrayal and misplacement of trust.  Who did I betray anyway?  Myself?

Two full months of a no buy did make me feel deprived.  I realize I need little things along the way that breaks up the consumption-less conundrum.  Is there some way to consume in a reasonable manner that doesn't break the figurative bank and does "break" me?  Hoping yes, because I seem to be marching that way.

I completed an awesome swap for a new pretty recently, too.  Feeling pretty good today actually.  Sound, responsibly spending and developing ways not to buy ALLLLLL the things.  I've developed some extra neurotic thinking that seems to curb my buying habits so I will keep doing that weirdo thought dance.

Molten Pairs: Rescue Beauty Lounge in Scrangie 2.0 and Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow in Abyssinian Catbird

THREE 4D Eye Palette in 09 Star Guitar